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www.facebook.com is the official address of Facebook, the most known and used social network in the world. Here you can Create your account and you can enter Facebook in Spanish and log in. To register, you only need to enter your name and surname, you have the option to enter your email account or your mobile phone and enter your password.

If you already have your account created, you just have to enter your email where you previously registered and you can log in to Facebook.com

What is Facebook and what profits do you have?

Facebook is a social network that was created on February 4, 2004, where more than 315,000 people are registered each day and where we can already be connected with more than one billion users.

With Facebook you can search for your usual friends, look for the brands you like and be able to talk, create groups, upload photos, you can promote your business or upload photos …. This and much more can be done in Faebook.com and totally in Spanish, although you can put your Facebook in the preferred language.

It has a very interesting chat service, where Facebook Messenger is being used in many countries much more than WhatsApp. It is also a great platform for games, to create your events and much more.

The site is completely free for all users. But if you have a company, you can promote your business both for free and for payment with prominent and sponsored ads or banners.

Do you like Apple, Samsung, Ferrari, Microsoft? Are you a fan of Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé? You can search for your favorite brands or your idols and be able to send them messages or see the latest about their lives.

What else does www.facebook.com have?

In www.facebook.com once you are registered, you can now log in and start enjoying the best social network in the world and access ” my Facebook “.

You can download the application for your mobile device, whether you have an Android, Windows or Ios tablet, such as a Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Lg G, Htc One, Nokia Lumia …. any device you can enjoy Facebook Mobile.

If I do not have it in my language How to put Facebook in Spanish?

Entering Facebook.com is usually geolocated and therefore if you are in Spain or in a Spanish-speaking country, you will have your Facebook in Spanish, but if I am abroad or my position does not locate me? Do not worry, it’s simple.

You only have to go to the bottom of your Facebook profile on the Login screen and you can select your language.

I’m on my registered Facebook, but it’s not in Spanish. What do I do?

Do not worry, it’s very simple, also at the bottom, you can change your language to Spanish in the easiest way.

More options on my Facebook home

Facebook Wall

It is the space of the user’s personal profile where you can see friends all their news and you can send messages. If your privacy is open, you can see it or everyone, or your friends or a group selected by you.

Then more options appear in News Feed, where you can see in summary much more news from your friends.

Facebook Gifts

A curious option to send your friends or partner on his birthday or want to simply have a detail with them.

“I like” button

It is perhaps one of the most used options by Facebook users. Where you can tell your friends or brand or ads that you liked the content.

Facebook status

It’s the “STATUS” you tell your friends the latest news from you and your friends.


They are a way in which users have to inform their friends about an upcoming event to organize a social gathering.

Facebook applications

Thousands of applications and games have been developed on Facebook, where users enjoy for years. Do you want to play chess? or a game to Scrabble? Or maybe that friend is the one who most resembles you? or how famous are you?

Facebook Video

You can share videos either through mobile Facebook, your webcam or videos that you have on your computer.

Remember that you can download Facebook mobile totally free.

Facebook Messenger

Mobile application for Android and IOS and also Blackberry. You will send and receive notifications.

There is an application for Windows desktop.

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