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A trying 12 months for Europe has proved a painful eye-opener for many nations, but with lessons learnt, 2011 promises to be better for all.

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LifeSize - The Power of HD Video Conferencing on Display

A t LifeSize, we believe that the true value of video conferencing is realized when HD video is broadly accessible - for every teleworker, meeting room, desk, and remote office. LGExecutive, powered by LifeSize®, brings us one step closer to that vision.

When you combine industry-leading LifeSize HD video communications technology with an LG monitor designed to maximize productivity, you get a video conferencing solution that is smart, simple and streamlined.

Furthering our vision that HD video communications should be as seamless and mainstream as a phone call, we are pleased to offer a solution priced so that everyone in your organisation can connect face-to-face, in high definition.