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A trying 12 months for Europe has proved a painful eye-opener for many nations, but with lessons learnt, 2011 promises to be better for all.

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Spencer Green
Chairman, GDS International

Sales and the 'Talent Magnet'

A lot is written about being a ‘Talent Magnet’, either as a company, or as President. It’s all good practice – listen, mentor, reward, provide clear goals and career maps. Good practice for the employer, but what about the employee?
24 May 2011
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Editor's Blog

How will consumer IT impact your business?

Back in 2005, the analyst house Gartner predicted that consumer technology would have a huge impact on enterprise IT over the next 10 years. With many office staff now clutching an iPhone or BlackBerry, and desperate to get their hands on an iPad, it looks like they got it right. Yet despite this, some CIOs are still not convinced that technology designed primarily for the consumer market has a place in the enterprise.

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