A Rose For Emily Point Of View Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:36
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William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”tells a story of a young woman who isviolated by her father’s strictmentality.
After being the only man inher life Emily’s father dies and shefinds it hard to let go. Like her fatherEmily possesses a stubborn outlooktowards life, and she refused to change. While having this attitude about lifeEmily practically secluded herself fromsociety for the remainder of her life. She was alone for the very first timeand her reaction to this situation wassolitude. This story takes place throughout theReconstruction Era from the late 1800’sto the early 1900’s in Jefferson,Mississippi.
Emily was raised in theperiod before the Civil War. Her fatherwho was the only person in her life withthe exception of a former lover who soonleft her as well raised her. The plot ofthis story is mainly about Miss Emily’sattitude about change. While growing upEmily was raised in a comfortableenvironment because her father possesseda lot of money.
Considering that herfather was a very wealthy person whooccasionally loaned the town money Emilyhad everything a child could want. Thiscaused Emily to be very spoiled andselfish and she never knew the value ofa dollar until her father left her withnothing but a run down home that startedto decay after a period of time. Shebegan to ignore the surrounding decay ofthe house and her appearance. These liescontinued as she denied her father’sdeath, refused to pay taxes, ignorestown gossip about her being a fallenwoman, and does not tell the druggistwhy she purchased rat poison. Her life,like the decaying house suffered from alack of genuine love and care. Herphysical appearance is brought about byyears of neglect.
As time went on piecesfrom Emily started to drift away andalso the home that she confined herselfto. The town grew a great deal ofsympathy towards Emily, although shenever hears it. She was slightly awareof the faint whispers that began whenher presence was near. Gossip andwhispers may have been the cause of herhideous behavior.
The town couldn’t waitto pity Ms. Emily because of the way shelooked down on people because she wasborn with a silver spoon in her mouthand she never thought she would be alonethe way her father left her. Miss Emily might have stayed out of thepublic eye after the two deaths becauseshe was finally alone, something she inher petty life was not use to. Emily’sfather never left her alone and when hedied Homer Barron was a treat that shewas never allowed to have. He later diedand left her and she was completelyalone after that.
After her fathersdeath she went out very little; afterher sweetheart went away, people hardlysaw her at all. ( )With this dilemma she isolates herselffrom civilization, using her butler,Tobe to run her errands. Miss Emilycannot except the fact that times arechanging and society is growing. MaybeMiss Emily is shy about her oldfashioned beliefs. If no one was toobserve her then no one could force herto change. Emily had been through muchand has seen many generations growbefore and around her.
This bringsreason to her strong Confederatebeliefs. Miss Emily refused to allowmodern change into her depressed life. For example when she refused to let thenewer generation fasten metal numbersabove her door and attach a mailbox whenJefferson got free mail service. Thisreflects Emily’s stubborn persona causedby her father’s treatment when she wasyoung. “A Rose for Emily is told through theeyes of the townspeople.
WilliamFaulkner expressed a lot of theresident’s opinions towards Emily andher family’s history. They mentioned oldlady Wyatt, her great aunt who had gonecompletely mad.

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