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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:37
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SUPPOSED FORMER INFATUATION JUNKIE- Alanis MorissetteAlanis emerged as a singer known for her fiery lyrics, unique vocals and mature music. Her much awaited album is finally out in the market, though it original CDs cover page is rather shocking. Musically, this album shows off a slightly more idiosyncratic use of rhythm, along with a less glossy pop finish than on “Jagged Little Pill”.
Nothing here, however, should come as a shock to anyone familiar with either her previous album or the “Uninvited” single from the “City Of Angels” soundtrack. Although the true strengths of the album tend to reveal themselves with repeated spins, there are a few traits that stick out right away. For one thing, Morissette relies heavily on lists. Thank U is a list of reasons to be grateful. Alanis here expresses gratitude for insights and peace of mind gained from her stay in India but she admits there are still a few things she needs. Are You Still Mad is a languid rock beat track framing a list of reasons why a former boyfriend might be peeved.
However I found this track to be childish and senseless, as its lyrics are not up to the standards of the rest of the album. She sings. Are you still mad that I flirted wildly? Are you still mad I had a tendency to mother you? Are you still mad that I had one foot out the door? Are you still mad that we slept together even after we had ended it?That I Would Be Good, a song that is enriched with lovely violins is definitely worth listening. UR is a bit folky and one would even hear a little harmonica. So Pure, is a noisy dance track exploring a new infatuation. Title of the album is reflected here.
One is a beautiful, mellow song that comes across like the true efforts of an internationally famous pop star. Secondly, in the three years since Jagged Little Pill, Morissette’s voice has grown into a remarkable instrument. From the fiery vocals of You Oughta Know, to the dwindling singing of One Hand in My Pocket, she finally has found a path in her singing attitude. Her style reflects maturity as a musician and singer.
The album is rich in variety, mixing contemporary production values with a rough customary edge, which Alanis has always depicted. Every song, certainly give fans their money’s worth. It has a clever, memorable melody within the trendy rhythms.

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