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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:06
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Alexander The Great Essay essayAlexander the Great is one of the very few generals inhistory who never lost.
His unbroken success is all the more amazingbecause the circumstances he faced varied widely and he often exposedhimself recklessly in battle. Alexander won his first victory when he was just 16 against hill tribes onthe borders of Macedonia. When he ascended the throne of Macedonia, locatedjust north of Greece, the hill tribes and the Greek city of Thebesrebelled against his rule. He defeated them both and destroyed Thebes. Then, in 334 BC, he turned against the Persian Empire, crossing theHellespont waterway with 30,000 to 40,000 men into what is now Turkey.
Heencountered the Persians at the Granicus River. Though the Persians and their Greek mercenaries were in a strong position,Alexander waded across the river with his men, climbed the slippery bank onthe far side, defeated the best of the Persian cavalry and destroyed theGreek mercenaries. In two more battles, Issus and Arbela, Alexander defeated the much largerarmies of Persian King Darius. He also destroyed the fortified island cityof Tyre on the Mediterranean Sea, founded the city of Alexandria in Egypt,conquered hill tribes the Persians had never been able to subdue, anddefeated a well-trained Indian army equipped with elephants. After defeating Porus, an Indian ruler, he wanted to continue his conquestsinto India, but his weary, homesick army refused.
Reluctantly, Alexanderturned around and led his army back to Babylon, where, just 33 years old,he died of a sickness (or perhaps by poison) after a wild party. AlexanderLived From 356BC Until 323BC. Legend says that Alexander the Great was born on the same day as the templeof Artemis At Ephesus (One Of The Seven Wonders Of The Antient World)burned down. No one knows for sure, but it was definitely in the summer of356BC. Alexander The Great’s Real Name Was Alexandros.

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