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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:08
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The general characteristics of a great historical figure are leader ship, bravery, intelligence, self-confidence, and loyalty. These are important because if you have no leadership skill then how are u supposed to lead people in times of trouble, your not going to be able to if you are a follower.
Its good to be brave so if you are in a war with someone you are not afraid to take a risk or go and fight them. You also have to have bravery if you are going to go and do a task. Say you are asked to go deliver a message to the prison and you are afraid of the people around the prison, then you are not going to be able to get the task done. If you are brave then you wouldnt mind going and doing the task. You need to have self-confidence to do just about everything and anything. If you have no self-confidence then you are going to be always asking everyone are you sure this is the right decision, are you sure I should do this, or anything else.
You need to be able to make decisions on your own and not have to ask people for their advice all the time. You need to be intelligent to make it anywhere at all in life. If you are stupid then its going to get you absolutely no where. If you have intelligence you are going to be able to make the right decision instead of the stupid one. You also have to be loyal to whatever you are serving. Whether it is your country, family, friends, or school.
If your not loyal people arent going to be able to trust you. Now if your loyal people are going to realize of they are loyal we can trust them. You can get many more jobs and gain a lot more friendships and a lot of more peoples trust if you are loyal towards people and things. Alexander the Great Essay was a cocky guy in my opinion. I thought he was a little too self-confident.
I thought that he thought he was the best and better then everyone else. I didnt like him at all. Sure he was a great leader and was good out on the battlefield but I didnt like him. He seemed a little too careless when it came to his drinking and partying.
According to the book though he was the greatest guy and wasnt arrogant or conceited he was always thinking of other people. Ill admit that Alexander was loyal to his country. So there is one good thing I think of him. Ill also admit that he was a good leader and a good fighter. Overall though all the bad things just crossed out all of the good things and he just comes off as not person I like very much.
Alexander the Great was just a guy who was born with these amazing qualities of a great leader. No one is born as a larger than life person. Everyone is born the same, no one is larger than life. Just not everyone is born with enough bravery to do some of the things that Alexander did.
Some of the things Alexander did were extraordinary and most other people would never be able to do so I guess he was abnormally brave and strong. Alexander of Macedon is considered the Great because he accomplished so much during his time. He conquered quite a big part of the eastern part of the Earth. He also established a lot of new cities but during the process tore down a lot of cities. He defeated Darius which at the time was a huge accomplishment. Out of all of his accomplishments he honestly does deserve the name Alexander the Great.
No matter hoe much I hate admitting to it, its the truth he worked hard and accomplished great things. There were a lot of things he did that I didnt agree with but overall I guess he was an ok guy. He didnt really deserve the name because in my opinion he did way to much partying and way to much drinking. He killed his best friend because .

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