Alexander the Great- Obituary Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:58
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Alexander the Great
356 323, King of Macedon, Conqueror of most of Asia
Born in July in Pella, Macedon in 356, Alexander was born to Phillip of Macedon and the Epirote princess Olympias. Legend has it that Zeus himself actually impregnated Olympias, but thats just an urban myth. As a young boy Alexander the not-so-very-big was tutored by the great Aristotle. Aristotle gave Alexander a thorough schooling in all the subjects necessary for the son of a king. Alexander had his first taste of power when he was 16 in 340.
His father attacked Byzantium and left Alexander the-teenager in charge of Macedonia. Four years later though, his father was assassinated at the wedding of his third wife, supposedly by a former lover. At the tender age of 20, Alexander was in control of an empire with great potential. The following year (335) saw Alexander the-bigger-now unite all of Greece under one kingdom. In 333 Alexander defeated the main bulk of the Persian army at Issus. Darius III the king of Persia at the time fled in such a panic that he left his family and most of his treasure behind.
From then on nothing could stop Alexander the really-quite-good. He liberated Egypt, founded a few cities (all called Alexandria) and chopped the famous Gordian Knot in half, that said whoever unties it will rule Asia. Then Alexander went to Babylon but didnt have time to sit by the river as he was in a hurry to expand eastwards into India. After conquering Northern India, Alexander the-well-and-truly-greats soldiers had enough; they wanted to go home, as most of them had not seen their families in years. A peoples man, Alexander turned back, but on the way to collect the bulk of the Persian gold, his best friend, Hephaestion died. Alexander was distraught and when he arrived in Babylon, he fell gravely ill.
Alexander the Great held an empire from Egypt and Greece to India and Babylon, conquered in just thirteen years and on June 10 323 Alexander passed away resulting from a fever. He was one month short of his 33rd birthday. .

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