America Under Invasion Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:28
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The American family is being attacked by many problems. Some of them can be solved easily. Some of the problems may never be conquered. There are families who are strong and come together to overcome their dilemma.
On the other hand, some families dont care what happens to them. These problems can and more than likely be a constant struggle. One of the major problems everyone must face is drugs. Many teenagers, as well as adults, do not realize the effect of drugs.
First, they can get arrested for having it in their possession. This leads to a police record. Next, they could get addicted and have to go to rehab to get help. This will have a major consequence on the family.
Worst of all, the person could overdose and die. Then the family will never be the same. The only way to solve this problem is to crack down on the problem now. It will have to be stopped.
The children need to be reached before they try it. Hire more police officers to halt this crime. Even though we have organizations to try to prevent this, they need to be bigger. Another major problem is violence.
Inside and outside of the home. Outside of the home, children, as well as adults, are scared to walk the streets. There are gangs that bring terror to the neighborhood. People are scared to leave their homes. On the inside, there is abuse. Many times the male is doing the ill treatment.
Sometimes it is the female parent. This involves spousal abuse, child abuse, andmolestation. This kind of environment can and will scare the child or children for life. Most of the time the child is too scared to do anything about it. Thus, the violence continues, lending the child to an abusive adulthood. They will grow up and mistreat their children and/or their wife.
The adolescent may even evolve into a vicious transgressor. Teenage pregnancy is a big factor in many families lives. Young females getting pregnant as early as the age of 13. Then, most of the time the mother wont even raise the child. Someone else will have to take on t!he responsibility. If the people want their surroundings to be safe they are going to have to solve it themselves.
They need to take a stand. Show everyone they are not afraid and fight the war on crime and drugs. Inside the household, the family needs to seek help. If the family wont do someting about the abuse, then their friends will have to point out the abuser before it is too late. Go to counseling and try to maintain their family. The young daughters and sons need to be aware of the results of pre-marital sex.
They dont know what kind of responsibility it takes to raise a child. It is not a walk in the park. There are many tasks to overcome to raise a child. Bills, sicknesses, and just plain love need to be given to the child.
If there is a child, the mother will probably bring it to school to show it off. This leads other teenagers to think it is wonderful to have a child. It may be nice to show off, but it is no easy task. There is also the possibility of getting a sex!ually transmitted disease.
Manyof these can not be cured and can result in fatality. An additional problem is broken homes. So many children grow up without a mother or a father. The child wont have the care and love as would a child with 2 parents. They do not have that special bond that secures their relationship.
Numerous children grow up without any parents. Teenage girls who get pregnant have their babies then put them into an adoption agency. These children grow up not kowing what to think. The solution to this problem is a simple one. The parents need to know what it takes to be a good mother and a good father. If they cant handle the responsibility of having a child, dont have one.
Todays society is perplexed. If the people want to make it better, they are going to have to do it themselves. They have to get up off the lazy posterior. In this world they either have to make it happen or it wont happen. Nothing is going to be handed out to them.

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