Analysis Of The Movie ‘ The Pursuit Of Happiness ‘ Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:45
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To what extent would a parent go to keep their child protected, safe, and happy? The movie “The Pursuit of Happiness,” a biographical drama based on a true story, portrays the hardships that an African American man (played by Will Smith) and his son face together. This movie reveals the striking reality of poverty and emphasizes that most Americans are not living the ‘American Dream.’ Hollywood generally portrays an unrealistic image of the average American and leads people to believe that everyone is meeting financial requirements on time, purchasing nice vehicles, enjoying life in fancy homes, and not dealing with constant money shortages. Director Gabriele Muccino does an amazing job at reversing this image by exposing viewers a different side. He reveals how some people in America are struggling just to survive.
It changes the viewer’s perception of the average American life and creates a sense of motivation the viewer can appreciate. The stars of this drama film are Will Smith and his real life son Jaden smith. Everyone who knows Smith knows him from his hit role on the sitcom “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,” where he plays a goofy, laid back teenager that was kicked out of his house and moves in with his wealthy uncle. Smith was then recognized for his early stardom and began to receive deals from big time Hollywood producers. His first big-hit movie was “Bad Boys,” where he and Martin Lawrence were co-stars. This movie launched Smith’s career as action movie guru, mainly for movies such as “Bad Boys 2” and “I-Robot.
” Although his role in “The Pursuit of Happiness” wasn’t typical for Will Smith, it was more inspiring and dynamic than any other character he played.In the movie Smith is portrayed as an investor named Chris Ga. . an unavoidable reality that many people live today. This movie is based on a true story which exemplifies Muccino’s purpose. He wanted this movie to be an accurate portrayal of the common struggle many people face day to day.
In the African American race, men are constantly stereotyped as bad fathers who leave their families and fail to pay child support. But this film succeeded in debunking such stereotypes. Although Smith’s character isn’t able to provide for his son, he does not give up and walk away. This movie also does an excellent job of illustrating the concept that most of the most successful people start from the bottom in the real world, and don’t always have it all to begin with. Gabrielle’s ultimate aim was to reveal a hidden reality for many viewers and help share a message and story about what the pursuit of happiness truly means for each individual.

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