Analysis Of The Scarlet Letter

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:58
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The Scarlet Lette has been captivating readers since it was first published in 1850 by autho Nathaniel Hawthorne. This historical fiction, romance, yet sinful book is abou a woman named Hester Prynne who was sent to Boston by her husband, ha committed adultery while waiting for her husband to arrive to Boston. She give birth to a daughter named Pearl and they move to a small cottage near the edg of Boston where they are both shunned by the whole community.
As a result of committin adultery, Hester is forced to where the letter “A” which stand for adultery. The essay will be a summary of the book and cover key points of the book tha are significant and describe the importance of it. The four-key point that wil be cover in the essay are when Chillingworth arrives to Boston and hears of Hester’ sin, Dimmesdale notices that there was an “A” drawn in the sky by a meteor Dimmesdale confesses that he was the secret man that Hester had been with, an finally whenever Hester returns to Boston to live in here cottage while stil wearing the scarlet letter on her chest.
The first key point is whe Chillingworth finally arrives to Boston and learns of his wife sin. Whe Chillingworth arrived to Boston Hester was standing on the scaffold and was receivin her punishment. Nobody knew that Chillingworth was Hester’s husband and so whe he asked what was happening to her the stranger said that Hester was sent her by her Englishmen husband and had committed adultery while waiting for he husband to join her in Boston (Hawthorne 46-48).
When Chillingworth finally go to see Hester, she was in jail and was there to treat with medicine. Chillingworth tried to convince Hester to reveal the identity of the man bu she refused. Chillingworth had promised Hester that he would not tell anyon his true identity and that all he wanted was revenge on them (Hawthorne 56-57). The second key-point is the tim Dimmesdale saw the letter “A” drawn in the sky by the meteor.
Whenever he sa the symbol he realized that there is no way that he can get away with the si that he committed and that he must confront what he has done and accept his consequences. There may or may not have been an “A” in the sky but rather just Dimmesdal imagining it (SparksNotes). His own mind could have been playing tricks on hi because he fells guilty of what he’s done and so all the guilt and mind game made him think that there was a letter A in the sky. But Saxton also saw the “A” but instead he said that the letter stood for angel, because governor Winthro had just died.
The letter symbolized something different for each of the because of what they had just been through and experienced recently. Dimmesdal saw the letter as a negative thing because he had committed adultery wit Hester, but for Saxton it symbolized something positive because the governo had just passed away and Saxton believed it to mean angel because that Winthro was going to heaven (Hawthorne 121-122).
The third key point is at the end o the book and is when Dimmesdale confess that he was the man involved wit Hester committing adultery. Dimmesdale was dying and everyone knew it as wel and he didn’t want to die with the guilt that he had. Dimmesdale ask for Heste and Pearls help to get him up to the scaffold which ironically is where Heste was punished seven years prior. Chillingworth was devastated when Dimmesdal had died because he no longer had him to torture and to make it worse fo Chillingworth, Dimmesdale forgave him and asked that God will do the same fo Chillingworth. This was rough on Chillingworth because he felt defeated a Dimmesdale has escaped for his torture (Hawthorne 203-206).
The fourth main key-point is whe Hester returns back to Boston and lives in her cottage while still wearing th letter. Years after the death of Dimmesdale, Hester returns to Boston an becomes someone that other women look too for comfort when they are in a tim of distress. It was brave of here to return to Boston even after all the event that happened in the past. She accepts the scarlet letter she wore and afte her death the letter she had wore no longer carried a bad stigma. They eve buried her close to Dimmesdale and she shared a tombstone with him (Hawthorn 211-212).
In conclusion The Scarlet Letter is an excellent book for anyone. By giving fou key-points in the essay and analyzing the events, the reader is given th important events in the book and know the meaning of those events. The Scarlet letter is a sinful an romantic book full with symbolism for the readers to find and determine. Whil reading the book the reader can see and learn how characters deal with certain situation and how those events change character and watching Hester become a strong woma that other girls go to for help. This Book was a joy to read compared to th usually books I read. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it mainly because I rea more comedy books but this kept me entertained.

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