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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:15
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Animal FarmI. Animal Farm is a story of the struggle for freedom and power. It takes place on a farm in England called Manor Farm. There are many different kinds of animals on the farm; these animals include horses, geese, dogs, cats, sheep, and pigs, which are the most intelligent of all the animals.
The story starts out when old Major, an old, wise pig, calls a meeting in the barn. He tells the animals about a dream he has. The dream was about how the animals should rebel against the leader of the farm, Mr. Jones.
He tells them that in the dream he remembered a song called Beasts of England. The song is about how the animals should rebel against the humans. He teaches the animals the song and tells them that he is going to die soon. A few weeks later old Major dies. The animals hold secret meetings about the rebellion a couple times a week.
None of the animals really expected the rebellion to happen any time soon, but it happened before anyone expected. Mr. Jones started to neglect the animals, and one day the animals decided that they had enough. A cow broke into the building where the food was kept, and all of the animals decided to get some food.
Mr. Jones and some of his helpers came out with whips as started lashing the animals, but were caught by surprise when the animals started to fight back. The men fled in panic, and before anyone realized it, the rebellion had begun. The animals were on an emotional high for the next few days. They set up rules, including the seven commandments, and decided to make Snowball and Napoleon (pigs) the leaders.
The animals had meetings every Sunday to discuss and vote on what should happen, and the work schedule for the following week. Every single time an idea was brought up Snowball and Napoleon would disagree. This went on for a year. Finally, at one of the meetings Napoleon and 9 dogs jumped Snowball, and chased him off of the farm.
From then on the farm became a dictatorship, not a republic as the animals had dreamed of before the rebellion. Napoleon lied to the animals a lot, but none of them were smart enough to realize it. He planted false memories in the animals heads, and manipulated them. He stole food from them and blamed it on Snowball. Then he started to go against the seven commandments, but none of the animals could remember the seven commandments.
He moved into the farm house and started to take up human activities, but none of the other animals had enough courage to stand up to him. At the end of the story Napoleon and the other pigs were sitting around a table, playing poker, and getting drunk with the humans. It was then that the animals realized that their dream hadn?t really come true. II. Old Major was an old pig who installed the idea of a rebellion into the animals head.
He was thought of very highly by the other animals before his death. Napoleon was one of the two pigs who helped develop the rebellion. He ended up taking over the farm and turning it from a republic into a dictatorship. Snowball was the other pig who helped in the leading of the rebellion.
He was eventually chased away by Napoleon. Boxer was the strong horse who had two mottoes; ?I will work harder?, and ?Napoleon is always right?. The animals were inspired by his hard work and how he never gave up. Clover was another horse who was very quiet. She wasn?t as hard of a worker as Boxer was, but she was smarter.
Benjamin was the donkey. He didn?t talk very much, but he was wise and smart. Squealer was one of Napoleons servants. He told all of the animals about Napoleons decisions. He was a very persuasive talker.
III. George Orwell uses many different literary techniques . His diction is very simple. He writes like he is one of the animals; using simple words, and describing things the way the animals perceive them.
His writing style is not very realistic. The idea of animals talking and ruling over a

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