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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:48
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I read an autobiography in the form of a diary. I found that because it was written in the form of a diary it gave me a much better idea as to what the main character was thinking. The plot of this story is about a girl who life is going fine until she meets this supposedly wonderful guy.
Before long things go bad and he becomes sexually, physically and mentally abusive. Annie stays with Danny and soon becomes pregnant. Before she knows it she’s a Mom. She realizes in the end that she simply cannot give her baby everything it deserves so she gives it to a loving couple who is unable to have children. Her mom gets a new job they move away and get on with their lives.
The main character in book is Annie. She is fairly attractive with blue eyes, dirty blonde hair and a slender build. She is 14 years old and involved in tennis and soccer. Danny the other important character in this book is 16 tall, dark and handsome. And a major strength on the boys’ football team.
He has a part time job at his father’s restaurant. Annie’s mother is very supportive and loving. She teaches at a local high school. (She plays a minor role)Mary Ann is Annie’s baby she enters later on in the story. She was born 2 months premature and does what a typical baby dose. Well one of the first conflicts that arises is between Annie and Danny.
One night they decided to go to a party, on the way home Danny insisted on having sex, Annie refused. After a short while Danny became impacient and tried to rape Annie, he was not successful . I don’t know how but she forgave him and continued to date him. One night on the way out somewhere Danny mysteriously remembered that he had forgot something at home.
So they returned to his house once there Danny demanded that Annie strip for him. When she refused he became furious, started calling her every name in the book and became violent. He then forced himself upon her and raped her viciously. When he was done he through her out as if she were yesterdays trash. After all this their relationship continued so did the violence and the sex.
Before long Annie became pregnant, Danny refused to admit the Baby was his. When the baby arrived everything was happy go lucky for a little while. Annie soon got tired of being at her baby’s every whim. One day she became so frustrated she just left the baby in the mall and ran away, only moments later her consciene got the better of her and she dashed back to the mall.
Her baby wasn’t where she had left it; she went to mall security and made up a rather gross lie as to why she had left her baby. The security guards fell for it and returned her baby to her. IN the end Annie struggles with the thought of giving her baby up for adoption. She decides the best thing for the baby would be to give it to someone who could really love it and not resent it in the least. Annie changes from an unaware little school to someone who has to face the world and see things for what they are.
She realized that life doesn’t always flow merrily on its way, but that problem often surfaces. I think her whole outlook on life changes. When Danny first enter this story he was the handsome sweet boyfriend that every girl wants. He soon turns violent and sexually abusive. This novel takes place in a small city somewhere in the states. It is obvious to me that this story takes place in present day.
The author most definitely sends a message. She trying to point out that having sex at a young age has serious consequences. All that glitters is not goldI enjoyed how I knew exactly what my character was thinking and feeling. It gave me a better scene of understanding. Though I liked knowing what Annie was thinking I found she repeated herself too much.
But other than that I really enjoyed the book.I didn’t understand why

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