Art History: The Role of Art

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:59
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Art is the imagination of artistic skills(Gaylin, D.,2016). Art has played a vital role in dance, literature, music, museums, paintings, sculptures, etc. Art was invented about 64,000 years ago when someone mixed clay with animal fat to make paintings on a wall in a cave. Do you think when art was created that it was appreciated? As art grew bigger, how was it funded? How does art affect the world? Art is appreciated because it displays and describes the uniqueness of individuals.
The advocates of the United States are for public funding of art. The government composes seven percent of the nation’s investment for non-profits art groups. The largest funder National Endowments for the Arts is made up of federal, state, regional, and local agencies. The National Endowments for the Arts is an arts organization created by the U.S government for progressing artistic creativity to benefit American communities. The government is there to help you. Our communities are being saved, while being built back up.
The public funding has had a positive affect on America. The president does not think that artistic and cultural work is important enough to spend money on. The Trump administration is indecisive about receiving funds for artistic and cultural work. How could the Trump administration decide if the tax payer’s dollars are being well spent, if they do not look into our history? Little do they know, the arts and culture industry is responsible for the employment of a lot of people. With museums being open, it brings in a lot of revenue from citizens and tourist. Eliminating the arts and cultural industry could put a lot of people at danger economically. The president must realize that public funding has a positive impact on cultural projects nationally. For example, in 1920 Walt Disney was saved from going bankrupt by the National Endowments for the Arts. Not only will museums close, libraries, public television, radio stations, and art centers will be affected too. What more important things do we have to do other than to keep our history alive?
An artist has to extend their potential to the fullest when working for the public. When working for the public, an artist’s responsibility is to make sure they are not only pleasing themselves but to make sure the public agrees with their decisions(Moon, B.,2015). Artists have to research, plan, and create their ideas to develop a piece of work. When working with the public you have to be mindful of other religions, opinions, and locations where you show or share your art work. For example, A mural in Chicago by Gabriel Villa was torn down by the order of a city alderman before completion. The mural was torn down all because some citizens did not think it should have been displayed in a neighborhood on the outside of a building. Although, Gabriel Villa had permission by the owner to paint his mural on the outside of the building it was destroyed by outsiders. The real question is, was someone not pleased with the actual mural, or were they not pleased with what the mural represented? It is so hard to try and please so many people when working with the public. You cannot tell them if they do not like it to go somewhere else, but it is not okay for them to destroy something they did not create either. With this world having freedom of speech(Kammen, Micheal, 2007), it gives others too much courage to do as they please. Kammen talked about as freedom of expression increases, so does celebratory increases. People act like they are entitled to do as they please. When people become so comfortable in voicing their critics, the value of art becomes less attractive. Everyone deserve equal rights. How can you be mindful of others when they are not mindful of you?
Regional issues can have a harsh influence on the decisions about publicly funding art. If the president or government decide they do not want to support the arts culture, then how will it be funded? If citizens and tourists stop visiting museums or listening to the radio stations, it can put a huge dent in their pockets. While tax payers are funding art, the unemployment rates are inclining, and more homes are being foreclosed on. The states are trying to solve long term problems like education and health care. If we take care of what needs to be taken care of first and then handle what else needs to be done with what we have left over, maybe our country would be in a better situation than it is. Despite the National Endowment claims, federal funding permits underprivileged individuals to gain access to the art. Chairman Jane Alexander has led a nationwide campaign expressing the National Endowments for the Arts as a social welfare program that can help underprivileged youth to fight violence and drugs. If we can get our issues solved worldwide, lower income families would not have to suffer.
Forming art is important in regards to the nation’s character. Art is a charisma that will live forever. Our history is instilled through our art. The country will forever develop and employ citizens. Without art people are motivated to corruption and deprived behavior. Great literature derives from the responsibility of the nation(Prince, E., 2002). Art offers young individuals a gratitude of; why they matter, where they originated from, how they come together, why they can be foundations of greater outcomes, and what they can do if they put their mind to it. Most people who study art will not turn out to be artists; people that do study art will concentrate in one artform.
Resolving ethical issues in confronting arts can be hard when you have to please so many people. You must access your needs and resources and create a solid foundation for your display and audience selection. When you are selecting your audience, build a solid relationship. Always remember your values and remain focused on the bigger picture. If someone does not agree with it, you can always revise your art work. Art is a form of your imagination and creativity that no one can take away. If someone does not agree with your outcome, let them paint their own picture.

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