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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:24
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Representational – describes – recognize subject matter Nonrepresentational(Nonobjective) . Arks of art that do not aim to produce recognizable – Realistic, naturalistic – attempt to represent the observable word and a manner that a 111* to describe its visible a OH*P-l. Idealization – scribes to create images a physical perfection according to the 2) values or taste of a culture.
Abstraction – the parts from – life like a to capture the essence of a form Color terns Hue = color primary color ? red, yellow, blue Warm colors / cool colors Value – relative degree of lightness or darkness of a given color or a gray. Intensity or saturation – a colors quality of brightness or Picture plane the plane for with the actual of a painting Linear perspective ? as parallel lines alee into space they appear to get closer together until they will meet at the horizon lines.
Twisted perspective – A combination multiple viewpoints in a work Of art Canon Of proportions ? a set Of ideal mathematical in art based on measurement particularly those of the human body Architectural drawing terms Plan – a horizontal slice off building Section – a vertical slice off building Elevation – the arrangement proportions and details of any vertical side or face of a building Sculpture terms Relief

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