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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:26
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Another source was television commercials. Oscar Meyer Wiener and Slinky are a couple of commercial ‘tune’s” hat were effective in there intention of getting their views (and listeners) attention. Additionally there was the music on the radio my parents played. Oldies as it’s referred to now seems to be familiar to me most likely because had heard it repetitively even though I wasn’t consciously paying attention, To this day I am able to sing along to oldies songs never thought I knew the lyrics to.
All of these sources of music seemed to have a cheerful, upbeat and positive affect on my mood at the time is would be singing along to them. If I wasn’t singing along it meant was either distracted or not in a good mood, which still seems to e the case to a good degree today. I don’t believe that the music I listened to was a choice, rather the music remember chose me, so to speak to remember it because it was what made me happy or sad at the time. This sounds a little far fetched but basically it’s what felt at the time being compatible with what I was listening to.
Another part, too degree is was a product of my environment. Would say I didn’t have a choice when was younger, it avgas playing around me and I became used to it. When was in my early teens I began listening to Top 4њs, probably because this is What my friends listened to and What was being laded on the radio. This when I first started to notice and pay attention to lyrics and the general compilation Of an entire song albeit very rudimentary thought. Then came my late teens. I remember vividly the day when started to listen to Rock and Roll.
I was at home in my room. I was 17 and dating a girl, Laurie from my high school. Was talking on the phone with her and she heard I was listening to a Michael Jackson song on a Top ass’s station. She said I should listen to “Lazar 103, the local rock station, switched the station and had listened to it until my late Eventides when became more “multi genre” listener. The choice made here was a combination of hot fitting in and rebelling, F-tinting in with my friends and peers was important so I did what they did a good part of the time.
When I heard other kids. Especially the older ones listening to a new song or style of music wanted to have it in order to be cool and part tot the “in” crowd. But rebelling against my parents, teachers and those of an authority role was a reason for listening to Rock music and vice versa. It seemed to natural to want to be different than my parents as a way of establishing my independence yet at he same time “fitting in” with my friends and peers. Today associate upbeat, generally mainstream, Top ass music with comfort.
Songs that have a faster tempo with lyrics that speak of love, fun, friends, family and relationships seem create a feeling a joy but also thoughts or memories Of things relate to With that. There are also songs that relate to when feeling stressed, disappointed, depressed or unhappy. They Oddly enough enhance a mood I am in Which may not necessarily be a good thing for some people. Just as alcohol is a mood enhancer, Which Will push certain people to a point, they normally wouldn’t be at whether it be good or bad.
Happiness is a mood would associate with songs or music that has a good rhythm generally and a positive message with it usually. No particular genre would fit this description in my opinion. Would say that every genre and style of music has its songs that are happy, sad, comforting, depressing, fun, vengeful and any other mood or feeling one could have. This is not just because of how the song sounds, is played and its meaning from the lyrics but because the listener interprets the song in a way only they can personally relate to.

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