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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:24
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CUBISM – stresses abstract form through the use of a cone, cylinder or sphere at the expense of other pictorial elements. The use of geometrical shapes is common in Pablo Pizzazz & Paul Cezanne art works. 3.
SYMBOLISM – the use of a visible sign of an idea to convey to the viewers, readers or audiences the message of his work. 4 FAUVISM – the artist use of bright colors which shows pictures of comfort, joy and pleasure, This is the method used by Henry Matisse, Rural Drift and George Renault. 5. DADAISM – is a protest movement in the art that is playful and experimental.
“Dada” means a ‘hobby horse”.
Dadaism is most often nonsensical. Marcel Decamp is the famous painter using this method. 6.
FUTURISM ? developed in Italy about the same time as cubism appeared in France. Futurist painters wanted their works to capture the mechanical energy of modern life. 7 _ SURREALISM ? this method mirrors the evils of the present society. Surrealism means super realism, influenced by Freudian psychology Vichy emphasizes the activities of the subconscious state of the mind.

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