Attention Keepers in The Most Dangerous Game Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:20
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In Richard Connells The Most Dangerous Game, he uses several literary devices to keep the reader interested. During Rainsfords journey to and through the island of General Zaroff he partakes in an adventurous journey filled with mystery, suspense, and dilemma. These devices are used to keep the reader interested throughout the story.
Mystery is used to give the story a scary and unusual setting. First, the story about Ship Trap Island is used to arouse superstitions (57). These superstitions bring you into the story to make the reader desire more about the mystery. Second, mystery is used whenever Rainsford hears the shots, the screams, and later sees the bloody brush. This makes you want to know what was hunted down and killed there. Lastly, mystery engross General Zaroffs huge chateau.
Connells description of a home on the edge of a cliff with tall towers, iron gates, and a gargoyle knocker makes for a good mystery (61). This home makes the reader think, why is this here. These mysteries lay down a foundation for a suspenseful story. Mystery is just a precursor to suspense. Suspense is used in several places throughout the story. One, when Rainsford is standing at the door seeing a giant standing there silent, this makes the reader wonder what will happen next (61-62).
Two, when Zaroff is talking to Rainsford about the most dangerous game (64). This fools the reader and Rainsford about Zaroffs intentions towards Rainsford, and it makes the reader want to keep reading. Last, Rainsfords dilemmas keep the reader in suspense. The reader wonders how he will get himself out of his predicaments. Dilemma is closely related to suspense because the reader wants an answer or explanation to the characters problem. This keeps them interested.
For instance, when Rainsford is tossed overboard in a vast sea, the reader wants to know what he will do because it is a serious adversity. The next dilemma occurs when the General is hunting Rainsford. This makes the reader very interested. It makes the reader wonder how Rainsford will ever get out of that situation on an isolated island.
Connells methods, dilemma, suspense, and mystery, are a good way to keep the readers attention. The success of a story depends upon how involved an author can keep his reader. Bibliography:Connell, Richard. The Most Dangerous Game. Perrines Literature.
Eds. Thomas R. Arp and Greg Johnson. 8th ed.
New York: Harcou .

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