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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:25
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AztecArchitectureI picked the Aztec because I wanted to learn why the Aztec people made these great buildings, and what Mexico use to be like. Also how the Aztec came to be this great empire then lost it all when the Spanish conquistadors came and over took the empire.
I gathered my research from sources such as Wikipedia. com, HistoryWorld. net, AllAboutHistory. org and Aztec-History. net; and via information my family has shared with me regarding our heritage, as I am of Mexican descentThe religious beliefs of the Aztec?s were so great, that when building their empire they did so in consideration of their gods, their government, and way of life.
The largest city in the Aztec empire Tenochtitlan was built on the lake of Texcoco, and was the most organized and cleanest cities to be found in its time. The roads were large and perfectly sized and the smaller streets were half land, half water, thus enabling small canoes to come and go. Some of the cities rock monuments, stone buildings and causeways are still part of the city of what we now call Mexico City. There were also well built dams around the city which protected this from floods. Reportedly, the ruler Nezahualcoyotl designed this dike, keeping the water surrounding the city clean and the brackish waters out. The city was always expanding to the north or the south and that?s why there were lots of causeways from the north to the south leading to the mainland where the main markets and other places could be found.
The temples which resemble the pyramids of Egypt were architecturally advanced, and rivaled temples of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Some of the temples were actually educational institutes known as the Calmecac, as the Aztec?s are known for their compulsory education. The display I created give a visual of how great this empire was and how impactful this is, still today was an important innovation in history because it allowed the Aztec?s to develop their empire to reflect their strong religious beliefs such as the great temples they built. Although these temples served very specific purposes of worship to their gods, they still stand today impacting our society with the history of the Aztec?s as one of the ?most famous, enigmatic and tragic histories in the world.?

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