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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:00
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My quote has to do with an emotion every person and every living thing feels. My quote has to do with fear. My quote isnt just about fear its self, it has to do with what it takes to get through fear, and to get through fear you have to have courage and when you have courage you are brave. My quote is about being brave. You cannot be brave unless you feel fear. by Francine Pascal.
People can be brave in so many ways, just by overcoming a simple fear. For example, the dark can arouse fear in the hearts of many especially for a five year old boy. Imagine that five yr old boy, and imagine him having an extremely snotty older brother that radiates with an I fear nothing ora. Then imagine all the terrifying things that scared you when you were five, especially the dark. One night when its time for him to go to bed his older brother snickers and says Nice nightlight baby as he walks by his room thats glowing from the train light nightlight that plugs into his wall. So wanting desperately to be just like his older brother the little boy climbs out of bed, snatches the night light and runs as fast as his five year old legs can carry him.
Now the dark surrounds him and he feels the monsters that inhabit his closet creeping out craving little boy toes. He runs much faster and with a mighty leap he lands safely in his bed. A warm feeling flows through his body as he pulls the sheets up to his chin for extra protection. That warm feeling is the feeling of being brave. Another example of Bravery Essay I can give you is me. At the end of my sophomore year in high school me and two of my friends made a very dumb decision, well a couple of dumb decisions.
We choose to drink one night, but also we choose to drive. As a consequence to our stupidity one of my best friends Chelsea Clark lost her life. I was so scared to see the faces of the kids at my school and most of all Chelseas friends. I dont know how but somehow I overcame that fear and had to go on with life even though Chelseas was over. I guess you could call that being brave. In some way, big or small, deep or shallow, everything in life has a lesson that can be learned from it.
This quote was not a lesson on how to be brave or what you should do or say to be brave, but I think it was a lesson in a way on why people are brave. This quote You cannot be brave unless you feel fear. by Francine Pascal, is about what exactly it is to overcome fear.Bibliography: .

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