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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:56
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Throughout The men of Brewster place by Gloria Naylor, characters are breifly described to show the reader how life for each person apart was during those times within a bad black neighborhood. The contrast between all this characters can vary from many aspects; however there are two persons with in this novel that are worth detailing to show how much they could differ.
C. C. Baker and Abshu are the those two characters who bring hope and success for those who can see which path can be the right one towards a bright future. Understanding carefully CC Bakers character may be difficult at first, because not every one of us can see the world the way he does. He is a man with no gradual education, however street smart up to surtain level.
Growing up in the street with a family that gave up on him, CC Baker became independent and didnt care for anyone but himself; not even his parents who had helped him, always providing food on the table and giving him a safe place to sleep at night. He was a street hustler, a low class drug dealer trying to pull himself to the top because he believed that`s the way he`ll receive respect in the community. A successful drug dealer who distributed all the areas within the surroudings became his role model and so CC Baker belived thats the only way in life one can succeed. The narrators favorite, Abshu, also known as Clifford Montgomery Jackson, is a solemn character who was adopted and raised by strangers for nine years. His childhood begins as a nightmare as he observes his mother offently being beated by her husband. After his father physicly abused Abshu and his other brothers and sisters, his mother decided to put them in foster care.
Abshu was seperated from his family around the age of 10 and lived for several years with the Mason family. Raised to succeed, Abshu studied law and became a fine man with very good social skills. He fought for peoples rights and always lived by the law. He is a character who belives there is only one way to succeed in life and that is to follow the legit path and to work hard to reach to the top. The traditional men qualities between such two characters seem very different, however at the same time they are so alike. Both, CC Baker and Abshu were practicly raised without parents and both of them learned how to manage their own life.
Both of them are focused towards having a bright future, but each man has chosen a different path of reaching it. A bright future where they will have a high rank in the society, lots of money and will receive respect from the community.

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