Bronze Arts Award Part B Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:27
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Having attended quite a few circus’ before and having seen ones before of very high standard, Went in with quite critical thinking.. As soon as I saw the circus I could tell instantly it was not going to be great They say don’t judge a book by its cover but fifth outside looked dull with limited decoration, only could come to the instant assumption that the inside would be similar. As correct in thinking so because as soon as entered, the word ‘cheap’ came into mind. The ringside looked old, chipped paint, rusted and sitting n them was excruciatingly uncomfortable. The chairs surrounding the ring were not lined neatly, rather in a messy arrangement which made getting to certain seats a task (though this could possibly be not their fault, but the fault of the audience who may have moved them getting to their seats). The ring itself was of small size which was fairly surprised about since I’m used to seeing much bigger.
Staff did not wear the kind of clothes was used to seeing at a circus, instead of being eye-catching and bright they were the complete opposite. The start themselves were also limited which was another thing I noticed when the how began. The show began straight affidavit a clown, who’s comedy act -in my opinion- was far from funny, and by the silence of the audience, I guess they agree. However, later when you’d got used to the visual sense of humor he used (since he didn’t really talk), he was easier to laugh at and young children erupted in giggles at his act.
There were not a large amount of performers, and many doubled up, doing more than one act which would have worked better if they at least changed their outfits in between. On the other hand at least they worked with limited staff to the best of their ability and found performers with lit talents Which would decrease their costs and increase their profit. Another fault in the show was that often, the music playing would not match up to the act and in effect destroyed the atmosphere.
For example, during a muscle man breaking free from a chain act, there was a slow, graceful piece playing, which did not create the right troposphere. Additionally the sound quality itself was not the best, and only came from two speakers situated at the front of the ring instead of around the tent, which was not a major issue and not one the children would have noticed. Lighting also was not great and only came from two rigs, nowhere else, and was limited in colors.
The lighting also did sudden rapid on/off flashes quite often, which I think should have came with a health warning (for those who are affected by flashing lights). Rules were not given at the beginning of the show, so it was unclear whether flash photography was allowed, and there was no saying to turn your phones tot (though this may be sell explanatory). On the positive side, the staff appeared to be very friendly,prices were reasonable, as was the service and despite its many faults it offers what a circus should… Entertainment.

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