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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:58
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Aside from the Byrds, the only other band that had a tremendous influence on folk-rock and country-rock in the sixties was Buffalo Springfield. They were noted as a key impact upon the counter-culture of the sixties, and their music is symbolic of the turbulence and controversy that surfaced during harsh times of war. The group’s formation was coincidental and legendary.
Stephen Stills and Richie Furay were driving on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in early April 1966, when by chance they pulled up behind a tattered black Pontiac hearse bearing Canada license plates. The car held Neil Young, a Canadian Stills had crossed paths with earlier, and Bruce Palmer, a bass player. The two were on search of their musical dreams when they fused with Stills and Furay, and began to work for status as a rock and roll band. Buffalo Springfield was soon signed with Atco Records, and began producing their self-titled debut album. This record contained the famous song, “For What It’s Worth,” which transcended pop charts to become an anthem for an entire generation. Their second album, Buffalo Springfield Again, achieved great acclaim for the powerful songs from Stills, Young, and Furay.
Though Buffalo Springfield was established as the best folk-rock band in the sixties, the band was not intact for long. Even with the success that followed their popular albums, problems arose within the members of the group. Particularly, Stills and Young had stubborn, conflicting personalities. This lead to several rearrangements among members of the band. Young would often leave the group for long periods of time, while Palmer fought deportation.
With all this divergence, the group decided to disband in 1968. Young’s determination for a solo career marked an inevitable split of Buffalo Springfield. Stills released a few solo albums and worked with another band, while Messina and Furay stayed together to form the rock group Poco. Rumors surfaced that the band would collaborate for a reunion, however, these circulated rumors never materialized.

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