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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:27
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During those same years, another technology that could record and play back images in motion was made available to the general public, and it quickly became ore popular With artist than film had ever been. That technology was video. ” Chapter 10 Signs and Symbols “Symbols convey information or embody ideas. Some are so common that we find it difficult to believe that they didn’t always exist. ” 9. ) Beirut Traffic 2007 by Michael Spar http://videotape. Net/home/Artists 10. ) Using video in my art class using clay figures. What I think about Advance and the last supper painting as far as symbols and signs being in the painting. Essay on Video, Signs and Symbols” Michael Spar born on March 19, 1973 in Bern, Switzerland is a very creative artist whom specializes in video art, The art form of video art has not really been around that long it was first introduced in the g’s and ass and has evolved with technology, Mr.. Spar is really great with creativity and grew very fond of video art and has produced many works using this new form of art. Leonardo Advance is one of the most famous artists of all time born in Vinci, Italy April IS, 1452 he has created some of the most famous paintings ever.
Advance is considered to be a genius in many circles, he was way more than just an artist, but his artwork is genuinely astounding. These two artists have very little in common when it moms to the way they produced their art work but they do have a very strong sense of creativity and a way with symbols and messaging. The artwork Of Michael Spar is probably Very different than What many people are accustomed too. He produced an audio visual performance of “Some Trouble in Paris” that is supposed to represent a mishap Of the building Of the Eiffel Tower.
A lot of Mr.. Spears art does tend to have some kind of message within the work Of it. Most is left up to the individual to figure out What kind Of message is being portrayed. It is not always easy to figure out either because video art is so efferent but there is something about it that it will capture your mind and have your mind trying to scramble to figure out what is going on. Mr.. Spar still to this day does performances for the back drops in plays and concerts and even has exhibitions at many art galleries.
Video art is incredible and something that will keep advancing as far as technology Will take it. The “Last Suppose is probably one of the most famous paintings you will ever see next to the “Mona Lisa” and both were created by Leonardo Advance. “The Last Supper’ has so many questions surrounding it that people have been talking about this painting for many years. There are various signs and symbols in this painting but nobody is sure what they really meant. The food that Advance chose to paint does not correspond with what the Evangelists described is one mystery.
Another symbol could be the salt shaker that was fallen over. Traditionally a fallen salt shaker is a sign of bad luck. The salt shaker was tipped over in front of Judas which instead could be a sign of mischief. He could have been chosen to play the role of traitor. Judas is also the only one with an empty plate and maybe that could be a sign he is full of mischief, Another strange sign is the fish at the able. Jesus spent most tot his elite around Lake Tibias and that he selected his Apostles among local fisherman.
The fish seems to he eel and herring and eel in Italian is raring which means indoctrination. Herring in Northern Italy means arena, meaning he who denies religion, There are 50 many mysteries to this painting that people till this day are still trying to figure out the symbols that Advance tried to present in his painting. Mr.. Spar uses a little bit different form of signs and symbols in his art work of “Beirut Traffic” but he did capture both art concepts He was able to literally use signs and video to convey a message. Sing video can be a little more helpful when trying to understand a message but not always. Most Of the time it may depend on the artist, because the artist may not always want observers to exactly understand What message is trying to be seen Then there are times that the artist may not even be trying to send a message at all but observers become so intrigued and mystified that they have to figure out What does this piece Of art work really mean. The only experience I can remember where I used video art would be in an art class took in high school.
The art teacher had us make some clay figurines and we would snap pictures and then adjust the figures and snap another picture. When we were done we would then put all the pictures onto the computer and create a motion video of all the stills. Then from there we would add sound to the video creating video art. I know now after researching that there is various forms of video art but this is my personal experience with this art form. I honestly had no clue that it was called this until I learned it compiling this essay but really enjoyed that class and maybe should pursue more creative art in that area.
Symbols and signs have used a lot in doing tattoos for people, A lot of people like to get things that have meaning to them and sometimes other people have no clue as to what they mean, More like sub lamina messaging is what believe would consider it to be. There are also times where adjust things that already exist to where they will fit the individual am doing the work for Sometimes in my own personal drawings I will use symbols to represent ideas or other objects that chose maybe to disguise or hide, Advance and Mr.. Spar are two very creative artist who have in my opinion two very different styles of art.
Even though, their art styles are very different their creativity is matched by no other. Advance has created art work that will never be forgotten no matter how Old they get, you can practically walk into almost any store and find some kind of item depicting the “Last Supper or the” Mona Lisa”. The way that Mr.. Spar produces his art work by video Will more than likely last forever the way technology is going. This essay was a great experience for me; believe it or not did not know Advance painted the “Last Supper”. I did know he painted the “Mona Lisa” and am amazed to learn that he had painted the “Last Supper”

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