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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:27
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Analysis Company Analysis The goal for ‘The Center of Arts” is to provide a hands-on experience for Brock students, high school students, and community users as an educational and cultural resource. It also has a goal of successfully attracting thousands Of visitors annually to Brock university. While at The Center of Arts, it focuses on stimulating the cultural interest in the arts Within the Niagara Region through its live performances and professional entertainment. One of the centers strengths is that it has been successful in attracting thousands Of visitors annually to Brock University.
An abundant social network of loyal customers brings with it a strong market. As a result the Center, receives reduced artistic fees because of “volume” booking. The weakness for the center is that of those loyal customers, not all of them buy tickets in advance. Ticket sales are disappointingly low for the first performance, “Halo”. Customer Analysis The decision process in this particular case is to make a decision on what alternatives to choose about the ticket sales, discounts, and giveaways. A decision and/or solution to the reaction of how prepaid customers tee’ about the given alternatives are also the topic of discussions.
While we could offer discounts to Gold and Platinum members who did not purchased tickets, complaints and dissatisfaction with members who already booked and prepaid is an issue. In today’s sociably there are issues with every alternative you try. IV. Selected Marketing Strategy The strategy was selected because it appeals to an extensive range of target markets or The descriptive and vivid brochure attracts reader’s attention through an excellent Distribution channel. This major promotional item for “The Centre of Arts, Halo” in particular, is a visual brochure which makes appealing to the distribution channels.
These channels include the enters Gold and Platinum members, the center’s database, internal mail, local hotels, libraries, and is continuously being distributed at the box office throughout the performing season. Direct mail is also a contributor through one of the channels which allow the marketing strategy to grab the attention of all audiences in the target markets. This strategy is also aimed at inclusive and well established distributors who Will enjoy spreading word-of-mouth to colleagues’, or acquaintances’.
An enthusiastic entertaining experience would greatly be motivation to spread word-of-mouth. The location of this theatrical reference, “Halo” and many more takes place at Brock university. The university allows a seating of 538 people to attend these cultural performances. Market Development occurs in the days before “Halo” is to be performed through alternatives and options to fill the seats, The alternative is to give free tickets to volunteers or people who recently made some contribution to Brock University community.

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