Chapter 12- Pg. 465-474 Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:15
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Emotion- A feeling state characterized by physiological arousal, expressivebehaviors, and a cognitive interpretation. James-Lange Theory- The theory that emotion stems from the physiologicalarousal that is triggered by an emotion-eliciting stimulus.
Cannon-Bard theory- The theory that an emotion-eliciting stimulussimultaneously triggers physiological arousal and the experience ofemotion. Sympathetic nervous system- A branch of the autonomic nervous system thatcontrols the involuntary activities of various organs and mobilizes thebody for fight or flight. Parasympathetic nervous system- The division of the autonomic nervoussystem that reduces arousal and restores the body to its pre-energizedstate. Polygraph- An electronic device that records multiple channels of autonomicarousal and is often used as a lie-detector test.

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