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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:08
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Be clear about when they can work together and when they cannota. Know your students and they are less likely to cheatb. Let them know what you expect of them and respect themIII. Teach Students What Plagiarism Isa. Structure writing assignments so they are not tempted to copy others workb.
Do the writing process over time and have them turn everything inc. Show them how to document sources before handa. Arrange the room to suit the testb. Resist complains when asking people to move ect. c.
Ask for ID if you do not know your students (i. e. big classes)d. Use more proctors for big classesg. Turn hats around and put bags in the front of the roomh. Do not allow a student who has left to come back into the rooma.
Be prepared for anything like fire alarms or notes on the board saying your test has been canceledb. Make sure have a plan in case something out of the ordinary happensI. Know and Follow Your Institutes Policiesa. Put the policies in your syllabus and follow themi. Get the student to sign a statement admitting to the offense and accepting the penaltyii. Keep documentation of everythingiii.
Give copies to the dean and dept. chair for repeat offendersBibliography: .

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