Chemistry planning and designing lab Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:25
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Lab#Date:Topic: The reactivity seriesProblem: Which of the following metals are more reactive with acids magnesium, zinc, aluminum, iron, lead, and copper?Hypothesis: Aluminum is the most reactive with acids because it occurs in group III. Aim: To perform a comparative test on which metal is the most reactive with acids.
Experiment: A comparative test is done using time to find which metal has the fastest reaction Skill: P & DApparatus : Equipment: 1. 6 beakers 2. Water 3. Measuring cylinder4. Watch or Clock Materials: 1.
Aluminum foil 2. Copper coin 3. Lead pellets 4. Zinc from a battery 5. Magnesium from Antacid 6. Iron Shavings Reagents: 1.
HCl Procedure: 1 Rinse the containers with distilled water. 2. Pour 25cm3 of HCl in each beaker by use of measuring cylinder. 3.
Insert each of the different sample metals into a beaker one at a time. 4. Observe and record the amount of time before the reaction stops with clock. 5. Make a table of your observations. 6.
Setup a control using water as the reagent. Variables: Independent: Aluminum foil, Copper coin, lead pellets, Zinc from a battery,Magnesium from Antacid, and Iron Shavings. Dependent: Reaction TimeControlled: HClControl: This is an identical experiment using water as your reagent. Data: The reaction time for the different metals , to show which is the most reactive in acids. MetalsReaction Time/seconds in acids. MagnesiumAluminumZincIronCopperPrediction: Aluminum will be the most reactive because it is in group 3 which has the least amount of electrons to loose.
Results: The results for reaction time of the different metals, to show which is the most reactive in acids. No results were obtained from the control for there was no reaction. MetalsReaction Time/seconds in acids. Magnesium10Aluminum15Zinc30Iron20Copper27Limitations: 1. Clock and equipment may not have been used properly. Assumption: Aluminum is not the most reactive with acids, in order of the most reactive to the least reactive they are: Magnesium, Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Zinc.
Conclusion: The most reactive metal was found to be Magnesium and not Aluminuim.

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