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. They have a hard time dealing with people who do not experience the abuse they do. They feel vulnerable to criticism if they open up to someone who has not experienced what they do. As important as friendship is in mental development in youth, the abused suffer greatly because of their fear to communicate with their peers because of their dismay in confiding in another person. As a person grows throughout their life they learn to trust themselves.
In an abused child they rarely take this step. Survivors of childhood abuse and neglect, their loved ones, and therapists are aware of the difficulty many survivors have engaging in 2 trusting, consistent relationships with others (Romano Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Making trusting themselves with other people very rare. So a healthy relationship is unlikely to develop. The abused find it hard to trust themselves in a social setting because of a constant fear of making a fool of themselves. They would rather live their lives without taking risks in friendship because they find it hard to believe that they wont make any errors.
Instead they live their lives trying to ensure they to do what is socially right. This person lives their life in constant hesitation. This is because they dred being judged negatively. This originates from their constantly being put down by their abusive parent . As a child the things that they thought were good, they were told were bad so in order to avoid criticism they keep to themselves. Abused people find it laborious to trust others.
They would rather avoid closeness with outsiders than risk their emotions not being accepted by them. This is because the trust they developed with the abusive parent was violated making it hard to take a chance of rejection again. They find comfort in silence. Fear of criticism is a major reason for lack of trust. The abused has had their entire adolescent life judged by their parents, and many times their accomplishments are not good enough for their family. They then find themselves being cautious with what they do and say trying not to offend anyone.
Even after they no longer live with the abuser there us still a constant apprehension in disclosing information to others. Child Abuse leaves life long scars on the victim. It has dramatic effects on every aspect of their life. They have low self esteem which is caused by them blaming themselves and constant negative reinforcement, which results in poor grades, depression and a reduced ability to succeed in the workplace. Communication also suffers. Their social communication level at work and school is very low.
Interpersonal communication with 2 family, significant others and friends is dramatically poor. The trust levels of the victims with themselves and other people, an social contexts and their judging themselves makes it hard to trust themselves. They also avoid closeness with others and fear criticism because they have very little trust with others. .

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