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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:15
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SECTION IDonny, 4 monthsDonny was lying on his stomach and said “Guhguhguh”.
After the aide picked up Donny he said “Bababa”. This observed babbling is average since babies begin to babble at 3 to 6 months. A door slammed shut and Donny cried a loud angry cry. This is called an anger cry. This is average because it is one of the three cries babies exhibit.
Donny’s birth weight was five pounds and his birth length was seventeen inches. He was a low birth weight infant because he weighed less than five and one-half pounds at birth. Donny controlled his facial muscles better than his feet. This is average since it is part of the growing pattern. This top to bottom development is known as the Cephalocaudal pattern. Also, there is no visible jaw line or neck on Donny.
This is average as shown by the picture on page 113 in the book. Donny was lying on his stomach and then rolled over. This is average behavior because babies begin this behavior around two months of age. The aide placed Donny back on his stomach and Donny lifted up his head and looked at another boy in the room.
This behavior is average since babies can lift their head in the first month of their life. A door was slammed shut which startled Donny. He threw his head back, flung out his arms and legs and then rapidly closed them toward his body. This is the startle reflex. This is an average response for Donny since this behavior doesn’t disappear until the third or fourth month (143).
Julie, 14 monthsJulie said “Me! Me!” as she waited for a girl to throw her the ball. When the girl didn’t throw the ball Julie said “Meanie”. Then she told a nearby boy to “Look” at the stones she stacked up. These three one-word utterances occur at about ten to thirteen months. Julie is average because she is fourteen months old.
Julie has tripled her birth weight and has grown twelve inches since she was born. Infants nearly triple their birth weight by their first birthday and usually grow an average of an inch a month for twelve months (136). Since Julie is barely over a year old her weight and height are average. Julie is also beginning to have a visible jaw line and a short neck.
This is average because this feature develops as the child grows as shown on page 11. Julie can control her torso better than her hands and fingers. This is average because it is a part of the natural growth pattern known as the Proximodistal pattern. When Julie was outside in recess she ran towards the group of children.
Children can usually start to walk alone easily from about eleven to fourteen months (144). Since Julie is fourteen months old, this behavior is average. Julie picked up four square stones using a pincer grasp. This ability usually appears around ten and a half to eleven months thus Julie is average.
She then stacked the stones in imitation of older children. This usually occurs around twelve to eighteen months and thus Julie is average (146). Maria, 25 monthsMaria and others were in recess. While hanging on a bar Maria said, “Let me”. She then shouted “Me do it”.
Later, after she placed pegs in a peg board she yelled “Look, teacher. See me”. The ability to speak two-word statements usually appears about eighteen to twenty four months of age. Since Maria is twenty-five months she is average (321).
Maria’s head is more developed than her legs. This is in concordance with the Cephalocaudal growth pattern and thus is average (136). Maria weighs twenty-seven pounds, which is average for a two year old (130). Twenty-six to thirty-two pounds is the average for two year olds.
Maria is thirty-four inches tall, which is within the average height of thirty-two to thirty-five inches tall (130). Maria ran inside from the playground. Children can walk easily at about eleven to fourteen months and since she can run then she is average. Once inside Maria grabbed the pegboard, set it down and put the pegs in the pegboard holes.
This ability occurs at about eighteen to twenty-four .

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