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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:09
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Civic EngagementActivities and philosophies that advocate for the connecting of communities with socially sentient beliefs and actions is what have come to be referred to as civic engagement. They are thus individual or collective actions aimed at addressing issues that are deemed to be of public concern. They can be manifested in many ways including; public service, civil activity, service-learning, crusading and advocacy to mention but a few as the list is endless. Behind the civic engagement are several causes. These vary with the purpose and cause of the engagement.
In most cases though, they are meant to ensure that all participant receive meaningful service and experiences. This has been there since time in memorial. Stokely in his Black Power, campaign called for the empowerment of the minority blacks (Carmichael, 1969). He called out for them to come out in might and demand their inherent rights.
The former American President, William Jeffrey Clinton in 1997 released the One America in the 21st Century initiative (The President’s initiative on race, 1998). He was of the vision of an America not divided by their racial difference, which he opinioned to be one of America’s greatest detractors to being the ultimate tread-stone of diversity. The theory was also evidenced in Sheri Tepper’s book ‘The gate to Women’s Country’ (Tepper, 1990). In the book, the theme was promulgated in several ways. Amongst them were policies towards self-preservation, civil rights and the freedom of choice amongst others.
To achieve civic engagement is undertaken in many diverse ways. These are determined by several factors, amongst them the purpose of the civic engagement, the people involved in it, the funds to be involved amongst others. The. .
preserved by the likes of Stokely are more often than not likely to cause public unrest and the rise of gangs who are meant to initiate public fear in regards to the ideals promulgated by the ideals (Scott, J. W. 1976). However, there are positive civic engagements more so where they are meant to promote public unity and personal development as envisaged by the One America initiative.
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