Civil Disobedience Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:41
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FUCK THE POWER!!!!!!!!WE HAVE DEMANDS AND THE SCHOOL MUST COMPLY OR THERE WILL BE REPERCUSSIONSWe as the Student body expect designated parking spaces. This is not amere frivolous demand, it’s a viable request in order to maintain ourstudent body as productive members of society. If we are not allowed todrive, how is it possible for the school to expect participation in extracurricular activities after school? How can the school expect our studentto work in order to save for a higher education, or even reasons of greaterconcerns. If the school does not comply they are not just ignoring ourvoices, they are stating that our voices mean absolutely nothing. They aresaying our concerns re not important.
They are in a sense denouncing abrighter future, they are complete hypocrites who promote a miss guidedyouth. FUCK THE POWER!!!IF THE SCHOOL DOES NOT COMPLIED WITH THE DEMAND, THERE WILL BE WAR!!!!We as a student body must unite!! We must come together in order to haveour views and opinions heard. What we shall do, is split in to two equalparties. Have one party drive west on RT. 302 and the counter party driveeast down RT. 302.
When the two parties meet at the opposing sides of theschool stop. Turn the vehicle off an walk away. Leaving two rows ofvehicle stopped on the major life line of the community of Pine Bush,resulting in great economical and civil reactions.FUCK THE POWER!!!! .

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