Controversial Issues Of Traditional Arts Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:27
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There has been cases of tourists jumping into the sea for no reason after they performed Like Mayans along the north-eastern beaches of Peninsular Malaysia. Some cases happen on land too. Going missing and receiving ‘visits’ were the greatest fear whenever one performs Leek Mayans. Disagree: – According to status, Cycle Mayans is not a ghost or jinn. It’s a popular song in Triggering and is a type of “alga rackety”. – The leek Mayans song used nowadays has been shortened as Malay count the full song as ‘worshipping spirits’ which is skirt in Islam.
The Malaysian rock diva, Ella once sung the song in a rock version Pico Pico – dance choreographed with sequence of steps. – it is a type of aerobic dance – believed to originated in Indonesia more than 20 years ago – Menstruate Astuteness Fatwa Niger Opera banned Pico- Pico because they believe it is derived from Christianity. – The dance originated from Jamaica and is actually a cult dance – There are many Christian rituals to it as the moves reflect the making of a cross and so is unacceptable in Islam – The Malaysian Muslims are confused.
There is no any literature or practical evidence showing that Pico-Pico is derived from Christianity either in Indonesia, Philippine or Jamaica. – Pico Pico movements with cross design can not be a sufficient justification because movement Of left and right sides is a natural human movement. Even When human stretch his hands, it can be considered illegal if the method resembles the cross. Masseur’s curse: Myth or Legend? Summary: One day while Masseur’s husband was away fighting a war, Mashers offered shelter to a wandering minstrel, For that, Mashers was accused of omitting adultery by the village chieftain’s wife.
The village chieftain who was still smarting over Masseur’s rejection of his earlier marriage proposal, ordered Mashers to be condemned to death. It was said that at her execution Mashers bled white blood signifying her innocence. At her last breath, Mashers was said to utter a curse on Language for which the island will remain barren for seven generations – Many locals of Language believe the legend to be true due to failed crops after Masseurs death. – According to recorded history, the Siamese invaded
Language not long after Masseur’s death and razed the island to the ground with a scorched earth policy. And coincidentally, Language did not become a major tourist hotshot until the birth of Wan Aisha bat Wan Anyway, the seventh generation descendant Of Mashers. – Some people think Masseur’s story most likely is real and the killing of Mashers most likely took place, but the curse of Language and her white blood must be a part of myth because there is no prove or evidence.

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