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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:51
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Many people look at Al Capone and bad thoughts come to mind.
Yes, for the most part he was a bad influence on people, mostly children, but in some ways he was a leader both for the good and bad. In the ways of organized crime Al Capone was at the top of his game throughout his life he influenced many and has left a tremendous legacy behind him. The life of Capone could not have been lead by a cowardly man. “He was a mean heavy set man”.
(Hornung, Rick) Being involved in gangs all his life, “by age eleven he was a member of a gang, committing vandalism and getting into fights”. (Stockdale, Tom) The life of a gang member or mob man, made life always on the run, and made things extremely risky most of the time. Capone had to make a lot of decisions, and use his bravery to his advantage. The man was not afraid to confront other men even if the enemies held some type of gun or weapon.
He was never intimidated, and often left the confronted people dead or forced to run away. One incident resulted in him earning the nickname “Scarface”. He was sliced 3 times with a knife, one cut from his ear to his mouth, one on his jaw, and the other on his neck. The cuts resulted in 30 stitches. “This fight was caused by Capone insulting a man named Frank Gallucio a small time criminal, Capone was talking to Frank’s sister and said something about the Frank. Capone had no idea that the two were brother and sister”.
(Stockdale, Tom)Capone was a very smart business man. As a liquor bootlegger and mob leader, Capone was always forced to make vital decisions. The decisions he did make left him to be an extremely wealthy man, and also left his family very well off for years to come. Not saying that he lead an honest lifestyle, but he definitely made most of the right choices for the life he was trying to live. A man of his intelligence could have easily become wealthy by other means, but he was a risk taker and decided to try to make a living by stealing. When he joined his first gang, his life totally changed for some reason he liked the risks of being in a gang.
Starting off committing petty crimes, and gradually taking part in bigger things. Al Capone was a very convincing leader, and gained much respect from many people, and led many followers. He became a very effective mob leader. “The summer of 1930 found Detroit the center of attention in gang warfare described as bloody July, mostly members involved were of liquor smugglers that were followers of Capone”.
(Mason, Philip) Not only was he a good leader, but he was also a leader to people in his hometown. “He was often generous enough to pick up bar tabs for an entire bar, donate money to charities, and help out whenever he could”. (Stockdale, Tom) all of his money was “dirty” money all gained by illegal activities, but his home town still looked up to him, when he helped out. “Practically a king of Chicago, directing and controlling all of Chicago’s illegal activities from 1925-1931”.
(Stockdale, Tom) Being the good leader that he was his profits stacked up to well over a million dollars every year”. (Allsop, Kenneth) He was such an important person in the mob community, “Capone was escorted by body guards, and travels around in bullet proof cars”. (Stockdale, Tom) Because of his leadership, the man caused many killing to take place for example, “February 1929 a hijacking of a shipment of expensive Canadian whiskey smuggles across the Detroit river enroot to Al Capone’s criminal empire in Cook County, Illinois. Resulting in a massacre now known as St.
Valentine’s Day Massacre”. (Mason, Philip) “Capone was the fourth born amongst his brothers and sisters; he was born January 17, 1899. ” (Stockdale, Tom) Even though he wasn’t born a leader he died a leader on January25, 1948.

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