Crash HTP: hey you got any plans for spring break Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:56
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CRyStA2cUtE4U: not that i know of yet me and meg haven’t decided thatCrash HTP: you guys should go somewhereCrash HTP: cause she was telln me how she nevr went anywhereCRyStA2cUtE4U: we r i just don’t know whereCrash HTP: florida, daytona beach, panama cityCrash HTP: all kool spotsCRyStA2cUtE4U: lol yeah i duno i’m not really into going like far wherepeople can rape uCrash HTP: oh why noCrash HTP: t’CRyStA2cUtE4U: i don’t wanna get rapedCrash HTP: where you planningCRyStA2cUtE4U: i duno she said cruiseCrash HTP: that would be sweetCrash HTP: you guys should do thatCRyStA2cUtE4U: y do u want us to go so badCRyStA2cUtE4U: do u wanna go?Crash HTP: cause she was talkn about so muchCrash HTP: so i figuredCRyStA2cUtE4U: ohh i dunoCRyStA2cUtE4U: we mightCRyStA2cUtE4U: i want toCrash HTP: yeaCrash HTP: welll alright im offCRyStA2cUtE4U: ok ttyl hun bubbye .

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