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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:33
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Customer Satisfaction Survey InstructionsA customer satisfaction survey is one way to gather this vital information. There are any number of ways to get copies to your customers. Copies can be included with orders, mailed directly at regular intervals, sent and received by fax, whatever is convenient for your particular business. Many won’t be returned, but those that are will make it worth your while. The customer satisfaction survey below is designed to get your customers to tell you what they really think. No ranking of quality on a scale of one to five, no lengthy questions, just a list of key business activities and space to respond.
Limiting the choices to “outstanding” and “needs improvement” sends a clear message that you expect the products and service you supply to be the best available, period. Keeping the survey to a single page makes it more likely that customers will take the time to respond. It also facilitates faxing. Be sure to include instructions on how to return the completed surveys. Give your fax number, include stamped, addressed envelopes, or whatever it takes to make it more likely that you’ll get them back.
Don’t forget to follow up on the comments you receive. If you have to change a procedure, tell an employee how you want things done, pick a new delivery service, do it. And advertise the fact that you did. Send thank you notes to the customers whose comments caused you to make a change.
Let them know that you can do an even better job because they took the time to help you improve. Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey print on company letterheadWe are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of our products and services. To do that, we need to know what you think. We’d really appreciate it if you would take just a few minutes to respond to the handful of questions below. As a valued customer, how you rate our work is the most important information we can get.
Please help us do the job you deserve – the best possible!Please return this survey describe how you want the survey returned.Please circle “Outstanding” or “Needs Improvement” and comment:Products:OutstandingNeeds ImprovementServices and Support:OutstandingNeeds ImprovementDelivery:OutstandingNeeds ImprovementOrdering and Billing:OutstandingNeeds ImprovementEmployees:OutstandingNeeds Improvement .

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