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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:58
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1st pd September 28, 2004Environmental A-PPopulation Overload”Population Overload” is about how each time our population in theUnited States doubles. Whether because of the World War II, uncheckedimmigration, or just over-crowded cities, population increases and dangerincreases as well. It also says how we as humans and citizens of thiscountry should do something about the population overload in the UnitesStates. Losing millions of acres of farmland, over use of water supply, airquality not improving, schools over crowding as well as over crowdinghealth care systems, are troubles that the United States face due to theincrease of population.
This over crowding problem is not just a hassle,but we are at risk of one day reaching a point no one can do anything aboutit. “Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, are avoidingdebate on these issues because they are the most difficult ones forpoliticians to conform. “Imagine, if the government doesn’t act to improve our nation, who will?This article applies to the issue of Human Population Explosion dueto that each year, the population increases in the United States as well asother countries, by more that thousands. It explains how we are over usingthe resources we have which sooner or later we will no longer have. Probably the biggest problem is healthcare. Budgets go down due tooverpopulation and many times, emergency rooms have to close down due totheir low budget.
What will happen if this keeps on?This issue impacts us locally due to the fact that we live in theUnited States and we should take care of the little resources we have. Andit’s true, we’ve seen in the news how we have a shortage of water, the airis polluted and how we are running out of medications, and all this is dueto the population increase. More people – more resources needed. I definitely think this is an enormous problem not just because oneday we won’t in this world, but we are not thinking of the consequences. “As individuals and as a nation, we’re defined by the choices we make. And too often, by the tough decisions we avoid.
Most of us haveavoided even thinking about how our rapidly growing population isaffecting our quality of life and shaping our society. “The only way to avoid this problem is to take care of each other and besmarter of how to use what Earth gives us. We also need to teach ourchildren, of how we can prevent the problems of over population.”We must prepare to make very tough choices on all these issues thatwe’ve too long ignored.”

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