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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:27
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EVOLUTION. The theory of Evolution was thought up by Charles Darwin. He was born in Shrewsburg, England on February 12, 1809. He went to the University of Edinburgh for two years and to the University of Cambridge for the other two. He prepared to become a clergyman even though he was deeply interested in natural history.
When he was twenty-three years old in the spring of 1831 Darwin was accepted to go on a ship that was captained by Robert Fritzroy. The ships name was The HMS Beagle. The purpose of the voyage was to survey the East and West coast of South America and the Pacific Islands but Darwins intention was to study different species of animals. During the voyage Darwin witnessed his first earthquake in Chili.
He also figured out that some of the Islands he visited during the expedition were made from volcanic lava that took a very period of time to form. Darwin was so thoroughabout describing in his notes all his observations that he was able to write three books about South American Geology. When Darwin reached the Galapagos Islands he made careful observations of the animal inhabiting the islands. In his time people thought that the world was only a few thousand years old. He proved them wrong when he noticed the different variations of fossils and animals.
For example, he observed the difference in length of tortoises necks and different variations of the finches beaks. The change in both tortoises necks and finches beaks occurred because of the constant struggle for food. In the result of that struggle those species that survived and adapted to the environment were the fittest. Darwins voyage, which was supposed to last for two years, lasted for five. When he came home he continued his studies for years.
Eventually his Theory of Evolution through natural selection was accepted all over the world. Charles Darwin died on April 19, 1882 but his work always remains central to the modern evolution theory.

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