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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:24
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Designing InstructionsThe mentorship program is a formal affair; however the interaction between the learners (mentor and mentee) is informal. It is a flexible relationship where the individuals involved have the authority to decide their own needs. Both participates in the relationship are learners because it is a cyclical egalitarian learning experience. The mentor will have a broad curriculum, however it is completely voluntary whether it is followed. The entire relationship is voluntary, from duration to learning objectives.
The curriculum for the relationship is voluntary and it is preferable that the participants decide what works best for them, which is inline with the authority adult learners respond to. Although developing learning is important in case the participants have a lack of ideas and it will sever as a sample for the type of content they may discuss. The learning experience from a workplace mentorship may be very rich and diverse. The program will try to pair employee from different division, to avoid any in-line (subordinate/superior) relationship, which are highly discouraged in a mentorship. This program encourages diversity. New employees will receive coaching in their own diversion from their direct collogues.
Due to the confidential nature of a mentoring relationship, meeting in the lunchroom may not be an ideal location to have meeting. Possible solutions are to borrow an empty office or boardroom, perhaps meeting outside the office, with the organization’s approval. Many cafes or restaurants are within 5 minutes transit of the workplace; these locations could serve as a good meeting spot. If the organization is without either of these solutions perhaps seek support from upper-management for a solution. .g hours.
A barrier to assigning a dollar value is that individuals involved in the project are from various grades of pay. A junior at the company may be pay at a rate of half of one of the senior employees. If the programs budget is calculated in dollars there will be a bias to not involve senior staff.The most visible man hours would the mentor and mentee meetings, the meeting will require approval from potentially 2 different department. This program ideally will have the support to allow for 30mins meetings per week per person, after a 1 hour first meeting. Therefore the relationship will cost in working hours over 6 months, 24.
5 hours working hours per person. A potential outcome, that may be stipulate by the board of directors, is that the meeting must occur on breaks or after work. If that is the outcome the commitment from participants may not be as strong.

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