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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:58
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Double IndemnityBefore I start my paper I would just like to say that it was the best film yet! In this movie Walter Neff went through a huge transformation. He went through one that would change his life dramatically. Walter Neff at the start of the film was an honest hard working man. He spent eleven years selling insurance and loved every minute of it for the most part.
While Walter was going through his papers he must of noticed that Mr. Dietricsons auto insurance had run out. After trying to contact him several times he decided to drive over to the house. As he stood in the door way there she was, a beautiful blonde standing in a towel. This was the beginning of his problems. The two sat down in the living room where they went over the insurance.
Eventually, Walter started to hit on her, but that didnt last to long. Mrs. Dietrichson said that it would be better if he cam back another day to settle the insurance problem when her husband was around. Walter returned to his office and a message was left from Mrs.
Dietrichson asking if he could come by tomorrow afternoon. This is where her plan went into action. Mrs. Dietrichson flirted with Walter and acted like she had feelings for him.
After they see each other a few times Mrs. Dietrichson talks about how she is hit and how she wishes her husband were dead so that Walter and she could be together. Since Walter was an insurance sales man he knew a lot about the business and cases. Walter planed out a perfect death that could never be considered murder. He would kill Mr.
Dietrichson before his trip on the train. Then he would have Mrs. Dietrichson meet him down the tracks where he will jump off. Quickly Mr. Dietrichsons body will be placed on the tracks to make it seem like he fell off and died.
This went very smoothly except for one thing a man was sitting in the back of the train before he jumped off so there was a witness. Mrs. Dietrichson manipulated Walter just so she may be able to get rid of her husband and get a lump sum of money. She caused Walters death and her own just so she could have some money. Walter went from a simple man to a felon.
He was blinded by the good looks of Mrs. Dietrichson and did not realize what he was getting into. He ended up having to kill two people just because of one selfish wench. This film shows us that its is human nature for a man to long for a woman and that some of us will do anything to get her.

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