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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:21
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In todays society, students wear what they want to wear. Being able to wear what they want to wear gives them a sense of having their own identity. However, what they wear can affect what they do in school and how they do in school.
Students are so busy worrying about how they look in front of their peers that they dont really care about anything else except how their peers look upon them. Because of this, the debate on whether Dress code Essays should applied in public schools has been brought up. Although some people may disagree with having a dress code, many people think that it would be better to have a dress code because it is less complicated, it provides order in the schools and also it creates an equality between the school children. Dress codes in public schools can make student life less complicated than it is now. Students dont have to worry about what to wear or how they look because they look the same everyday.
They dont have to worry about waking up early to decide what to wear for that day. Wasting time on trying to pick out what to wear for the day takes time out of your sleep and study. Dress codes also cuts down on yearly spendings on new school clothes. All students have to worry about is their uniforms. At most students would have to buy five uniforms, one for each day.
Therefore this provides order in their lives. If student have orders in their lives they will have order in schools. Students will be less distracted because they dont have to compare themselves to their other peers. They can now focus on what they are doing in schoolBibliography: .

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