Dress Codes and Hair Restrictions are Vital Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:17
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John Doe walks into a skyscraper, confident and well groomed wearing atie, suit, and dress shoes.
His confidence moves him forward, as he entersan elevator going up to the 23rd floor. He approaches his first jobinterview since leaving Jesuit Prep: McAllen & McAllen Law. This wellgroomed man graduated from Jesuit prep, which had a dress code and hairrestrictions. This dress code and hair restrictions evolved young men intomature adults over a 4 year period at Jesuit. The dress code and hairrestrictions play a vital role for our future as they build classintegration, increase our image in the community, and dress the studentsfor business, not play. Jesuit Prep needs to continue this vital dresscode and hair restrictions for the future.
Having a school full of students wearing the same clothes andhairstyles helps build an integration within the class. Students that wearmany different styles of clothes all come together wearing similar pants,shirts, ties, and shoes. Through a dress code and hair restrictions,everyone is helped to be made more comfortable by wearing similar clothes,otherwise, people may feel alienated with less trendy or “cool” clothes. Hairstyles help ease this integration as well by giving each person similarstyles making everyone feel more at ease. The overall integration helpsthe students realize that although people may look similar, the idea thateveryone exhibits will be greatly different. These different ideas arepresent in everyone, and the dress code and hair restrictions helpillustrate that just because someone looks the same, they do not think thesame.
When the students get jobs or find careers in their future, it willbe helpful to know that even though all their co-wor s seem similar, theyare in actuality very different. This approach to future jobs and careerswill give the students an advantage in being open minded with people. The dress code and hair restrictions will help Jesuit students byimproving their image they present to the outside community. An image is avery important part of any student’s life. How others perceive us willimpact many future decisions others make. By abiding to a dress code andhair restrictions, our image will come across to others as very clean,organized, and responsible.
Future business partners and bosses willalways be more trusting with people who fit that image. Within everyone’s life, there is a time for fun and a time forbusiness. While some people wait until they are well passed high schoolbefore they prepare for business, Jesuit is in the forefront preparingstudents now. This preparation stems from the dress code and hairrestrictions which are enforced by Jesuit Prep. When a coat and tie areworn and hair is neatly brushed, a student does not want to get dirty, sothey turn businesslike in their manner by learning and acting in a verymature manner. As you can see, the dress code and hair restriction of Jesuit are vitalparts of student development.
Integration, image, and dressing for successare important benefits of the dress code and hair restrictions. Thesebenefits will be used into each students’ future to help them move forwardwithin their own career and life. .

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