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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:45
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Music in My LifeSince my youth I have been obsessed with music, singing, listening, and playing. It wasn’t until the sixth grade that I could truly begin the journey which would allow me to express myself musically. I received a saxophone for Christmas and began taking lessons at Settlement Music School, while I do not play anymore, the saxophone helped me understand and develop a learning process for music.
After one year of saxophone, I realized that the perfect instrument for me was the guitar. I played saxophone for two more years while simultaneously taking guitar lessons, also at Settlement. I took one year of rock guitar lessons and realized that it wasn’t entirely what I wanted: I thirsted for more knowledge of the instrument; so I took two years of classical guitar lessons. When I got into the Holy Ghost Jazz Band I started taking jazz guitar lessons, and I am now combining classical technique with jazz music by taking finger-style jazz lessons.
I wish to stay with music because I love the music lifestyle, the fun of staying out late practicing for a show, the energy of playing for a crowd, and the stress of competition with the self. It was because of this lifestyle that I started playing for the spring musicals at school. I played lead guitar for a revue show titled “100 Years of Broadway,” “The Who’s Tommy,” and “Godspell. ” My experience with the Jazz Band at school led me to audition and perform with the Philadelphia All Catholic Jazz Band, performing in the “2005 Concert of Excellence” at the Kimmel Center. I believe it is my versatility as a player and my devotion to the craft that will help me survive in the music business, and it seems that this summer program is exactly what I need to help me get started.

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