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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:05
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Every four years there is a presidential election. The elections are important to most Americans because it can change the future for many generations. There are many who run for this very important position, those who run get into to parties of those who will take office with them. There are third parties, and some very unusual parties, but it usually is narrowed down to Democratic and Republican. This year the two candidates are: George W. Bush for Republican and Al Gore for the Democratic Party. I have already turned eighteen and I am able to vote but I chose to wait a few until I feel I am mature enough to vote. If I were to vote, I would probably vote for Al Gore. I feel that he is qualified and should be president because he is the vice-president for Bill Clinton who is currently president. I agree with most of his issues concerning Drugs, Education and Juvenile crime, Gun Control, Civil and Gay Rights.
The Clinton-Gore team has already started with spending more money on addressing the issues of drugs, for advertising and education and the drug use has supposedly gone down, this also addresses, that Gore would be able to pick up where Clinton left off. Gore also has plans for drug treatments for every addict who wants one. Gore also wants more involvement form the communities, which I believe would make a difference. Mandatory weekly drug testing for state prisoners and parolees, this can ensure that the convicts are staying drug free which can help clean up communities. Gore believes that after-school programs cut down on drug use. I agree with this, because I am in school and that can help some kids keep busy, and off the streets. I think this also would mean that he would not cut any programs but help promote the schools, and the future generations.
An important issue that I absolutely agree with is a tax break for college graduates. I am about to go to college and already have a brother in college. Gore has plans for making the saving and borrowing process of college easier, tax breaks, student loans, grants, and a National Tuition Savings program to send college hopefuls to college. Gore has many plans to help improve schools in general and make them safer. Gore wants plans to hire more teachers, improve classrooms, and help failing schools, test teachers, he agrees with the union for vouchers, salary, and class sizes. As a student, I agree that t there are lack of teachers and classrooms. This can lead to failing schools and it may be too hard to turn them around and make them better. I also feel that teachers should get more pay because they are training the future of America, they help kids get through life and prepare them to go out and do good. I certainly think they should be paid more because of all the schooling they go through just to teach. I think they should paid just as much as the professional athletes, doctors, and lawyers. Gore wants to transform the educational system within four years, which I think is a good goal. Gore also has a five point plan to have high school exit exams, which I think are important because some people get away with graduating and not know how to read or deal with everyday problems. The focus should be on character, discipline and safety. Some of the problems with this are to start by making secondary schools for juveniles who bring guns to school.
I feel that gun control is very important and that everything can be worked out to benefit everyone. The focus should be on gun safety, and not on hunters and sportsmen, who already know how to handle guns. Homeowners and sportsmen should not have to suffer and should not be restricted. I feel that the guns should be kept out of wrong hands. Gore also plans on having mandatory background checks and child safety locks. He also passed the toughest gun control for the next thirty years. He wants plans for a state-run photo gun licensing. I feel that gun control is a touchy subject for some

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