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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:22
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1. Elections in the eyes of the youth like you?The presidency is the most important office in the land.
Thepresident is not just a political leader. He is expected to be the rolemodel for us and for our children. . .
. . . That is why in our culture, except during the time of President Coryand now GMA, we call him “Ama ng Bansa,” the father of the nation. His”children” and his many subordinates disobey or rebel when he does not actlike the father of the nation he is supposed to be. Election is very bloody I could say because of the violence happeninghappen when the election is coming near, everybody who are running wants towin the position they are running for.
Its nice to have the election to beclean and no violence or harm done to anyone. No death and life is lostjust because of the position . As we know leaders have our future so we must pick the right one,forthey will decide for us what will the future of the citizen of our countrywe should also pick the one whom we know will lead us to development andfor the better of the citizen of the people whom he needs to serve. .
. How the May 14 elections turn out may determine whether we as anation deserve what we call People Power II–that mountain-peak experiencelast January for which we have been applauded by the New York Times andother reputable publications all over the world. . . . .
. I believe that you, as graduates, have no right to dream of a brighterfuture in the years to come unless you are prepared, in light of theseevents, to work and fight for a better present, a better country, not inthe remote future but in the next few weeks. . . . .
. If those whom we elect to high office this coming May are qualified,competent, morally upright, and dedicated, we can expect competent, honestgovernance from them. And you who graduate today can look forward to abetter future where it is not whom you know but what you know and what youcan do that will really matter. 2.
The kind of leader you want for our country?Characteristics of a LeaderThink of some important leaders youknow,whether they are good or bad. They may be ancient, modern, made-up, orreal. There are certain characteristics that make them a good leader, and,in the same line, a bad leader. In my opinion, the three most importantgood qualities of leader are honor, loyalty, and putting the people aheadof you.
The first of these qualities, honor, is required because you wantyour people to trust you. Besides that, you want other leaders, from othernations to trust you. If you were dishonorable no one would trust you andshame you, and therefore shame your nation. The second of these qualitiesis loyalty. If you weren’t loyal, then no one would trust you also. Youwould be dishonored, and probably disowned.
The last of these qualitiesis putting the people (your entourage) ahead of yourself. If doingsomething will benefit the good of your country, but may not benefityourself as much, you should do what helps your country, even if it meansdying for them. These are the most important, but not all of, thequalities you need to be a leader. If you have these three and nothingelse, you would still go down in history as a great leader. “The youth is the hope of the motherland” so says Dr. Jose P.
Rizal. Do youreally think that there’s still hope for our country ? Considering theattitudes ,mentality of the youth’s today?I still balieva that there is still hope until there is life therestill hope, its like trying and failing ,try and fail, try and fail, tryand fail, but the truth is you fail when you have stopped trying.And we youth are together we believe that we can everything with thehelp of God, and all can be lost but not hope ,because when you have losthope it just tells that you have stopped the faith and belief in your selfits like killing yourself,because you are not putting on mind and it provesthat you have self focus and you do not put anything,but its really hard tothink of hope when you set in yourself that there can be no more to expectbut loose.I think the youth today

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