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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:56
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Orange is the color of social communication and optimism.
From a negative color meaning it is also a sign of pessimism and superficiality. Yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect. It is optimistic and cheerful, However it can also suggest impatience, criticism and cowardice. Green is the color of balance and growth.
It can mean both self-reliance as a positive and possessiveness as a negative, among many other meanings. Blue is the color Of trust and peace. It can suggest loyalty and integrity as well as conservatism and frigidity.
Purple is the color f the imagination, It can be creative and individual or immature and impractical.
Pink unconditional love and nurturing. Pink can also be immature, silly and girlish brown is a friendly yet serious, down-to-earth color that relates to security, protection, comfort and material wealth. White is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection, The color meaning towhee is purity, innocence, wholeness and com lotion. Black is the color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, creating an air of mystery.
It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world.

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