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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:56
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Elements of the visual arts Line – line is an important element at the disposal of every artist. Through the lines of a painting or sculpture, the artist can make us know what the work is about. He uses lines to represent figures and forms. – Horizontal lines are lines Of repose and serenity. They express ideas Of calmness and quiescence – Vertical lines are lines poised for action. They are poised, balanced, forceful, and dynamic. Diagonal lines suggest action and movement. They give animation to any composition in which they appear. Curved lines suggest grace, movement, flexibility, joyousness, and grace Lines may also be classified into three groups – lines which follow or repeat one another lines which contrast with one another – Transition lines which modify or soften the effect of others. Repetition ? occurs when two or more lines are drawn within a corner following the lines of the comer.
Color – Delight in color is a universal human characteristic. Color is a property of light. When light goes out, color goes with it, Color has three dimensions or attributes: Hue, value, and intensity Hue – is the dimension of color that gives color its name “primary and secondary colors” The color circle showing a sequence Of 12 hues” [pick Warm and cool colors – Colors may either be warm or cool.
Red, Orange, and Yellow are the warm hues Color Harmonies (two kinds) – Related color harmonies – Contrasted color harmonies Related color harmonies – these may either be monochromatic or adjacent Contrasted color harmonies ? colors which lie directly opposite each other in the color circle Value – Refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. It is a quality which depends on the amount of light and dark in color. Tints are values above the normal and shades are values below the normal Intensity ? it refers to the brightness or darkness Of color. It gives color strength.
Psychology of Colors – one important thing the artist has to remember is that colors are known to have varied psychological and emotional connotations. Black- death and gloom White – purity and innocence Blue – color tot heaven Red – Blood, anger, and provokes fear Orange – helps person to be assertive Green – the color of nature Meaning of colors conveyed by the rose – Although the rose itself is not a mans creation, having different colors that convey different meanings, the rose is the flower worthy of mention for its varied psychological and emotional connotations.
Red – Love You, Courage and Fortitude Pink – Thank you Deep Pink – Convey gratitude and appreciation Lighter Pink – express sympathy, grace and gentility Yellow – Stand for joy and freedom Coral or Orange – Speak of enthusiasm and desire Texture – is the element that deals more directly with the sense of touch – is found in all visual arts – In painting, texture is used to represent the skin, clothes, jewelry, furniture, and others. – Texture is very real to the sculptor and architect because wood, stone, brick. Concrete, and metal feel different to the touch,

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