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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:23
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ELSA SCHIAPARELLI (1890 1973)I couldn’t see where her uniqueness coming from when I look at Schiaparelli’s childhood. She was from well-established family and she was well educated.
She was born in 1890, Rome, Italy. She had many talents. Her studying philosophy didn’t make many connection with art and fashion in my mind with her later shocking designs. Even for me who saw many things in today’s life, her designs were shocking and somewhat crazy. I could imagine how shocking it would be for the people in that time.
Because most of the designs are feminine and focused more onto how to be look good or elegance. Like I said before, her designs are far apart from Chanel and Poiret, but somewhat similar. First, I don’t know where she got her ideas like that. She uses a lot of images that seems like not fitted into the dresses but somehow, I see it not as weird looking dress that is unattractive but as well-blended dress with elegance and classic looks. It is the shapes and colors that make the dress united and attractive. Influences of Cubism and Surrealism are also the reason why her design is unique.
The artists who worked with her contributed the pattern and colors. She worked with Dali, Beroatd, and Cocteau to design fabrics and accessories. Some of designs that thought were weird and crazy are bug necklaces, ice cream cones hat and lamp cutlets shaped hat. I wonder how people dressed with these accessories. Although her design is unique, I certainly would never wear that bug necklace.
It feels creepy to think that bugs are hanging around my neck. She also had an eye to see the object in other perspectives. For example, in 1935, she designed a zipper, which she dyed with same color as her fabrics and positioned them in exposed places. Another invention was her shocking pink. During the World War II, she lectured in the USA and opened a branch in USA in 1949.
Her last show was held in 1954. Her designs were sometimes witty, shocking, and crazy, but her understanding or art and fashion creates new styles, I gave an option to the people and designers to design the clothes crazier and still looks good on people. Inside her crazy and shocking design, there was real talent and deep knowledgement about fashion.

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