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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:45
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“Sometimes lies are more dependable than the truth”
From this I learned that reality can be harsh and not what you want to hear all the time so people lie to make themselves feel better. In the book Ender says this because he doesn’t want to face the fact that he can no longer be with is family and he will be in battle school. I also learned that people do not lie on purpose, but they instead they do not notice that they are lying because they truly think it is the best thing to do at the time. Another thing you could learn from this is that the truth is hardly ever what you really want to hear.
“There is no teacher but the enemy”
This quote from the book taught me that, you could learn from anyone even the people you hate and consider your enemy.
In the book the human race learned the war strategies of the buggers, and even used some of them to defeat them. In games like football coaches study the other teams to learn their strength’s and there weaknesses. You can also do this in reality, by studying what people do and how they act to learn more about each other.
“Humanity doesn’t ask us to be happy. It simply asks us to be brilliant.”
I think that this quotes means that all of humanity depends on there government for almost everything.
Like in the book the all of the population depends on the government for food, shelter protection, basically everything. Today in America we complain about the way the government is, but they do a lot for the people of America. The government protects from invasion of another country. Everything the government does isn’t perfect, but they do a lot more than the people of America give them credit for .

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