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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:19
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First Class GraduationMentorship Academy is a charter school established in an old six-story Chase Bank building, located on 399 Florida St. and Fourth in Downtown Baton Rouge, with a stamp of a blue shark on the outside wall. It houses two schools: Digital Arts (blue) and Science and Technology (green). It is forever changing its system, trying to find the perfect custom for the students of today and for the future. They have a ways to go with setting their legacy.
Recently in its fourth year, with minor hiccups, time constraints, and hapless hours of school and internships, the school hosted its first graduating class of 2014 under the dome of Southern University.Tension, excitement, embarrassment, laughter, happiness, indifference, stress–all these emotions were swirling around the heads of high school seniors of Mentorship Academy. Clad in professional suits and dresses swarming through the long white hallways, twelfth graders were having heavy conversations about balancing internships, familial troubles and class assignments, all while having some time for fun and friends. To seniors, the decision and pressure of going to a college or university after high school is very stressful. To seniors, the day of graduation is steadily creeping upon them. To them, this was the final step of their high school careers—they will no longer be the carefree young adults that they once were; yet, they will be recognized as responsible adults when they walk down the aisle and earn their diploma, accomplishing a milestone throughout their lives.
Graduation is a “rite of passage” that most high school students are looking forward to. It is a school’s lifetime goal to see that all students have completed their twelve year’s long education.. .y touch his heart, but to the senior students and their families hearts as well. He, along with the school, has made it this far to witness the first ever graduating class of 2014.
It was inspirational to have such a bright future for these respectable individuals to reach out to further their education. One by one, the student of a little charter school with only four years on its head, walked across the tall stage. And, at long last, they received their smooth black book, showcasing their high school diploma. Finally, after those four years of academics and homework, trials and triumphs, the young men and women of Seniors of Mentorship Academy of Digital Arts and Science and Technology, have fully graduated from high school; they are now ready to conquer the real world with their own hands. Question is: are the ready for the challenges that await them in college?

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